Friday, January 7, 2011

Urban Organic - A BESTeam Feature

I rarely get the honor to be the first to feature a brand new BESTeam member, so I'm very pleased to introduce you to the shop of Efrat Deutsch on Etsy. Efrat joins the team from Toronto, Canada, and is a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. Having earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Jewelry Design, Efrat has recently embarked on her career in jewelry design and goldsmithing - with Etsy as a launching point for what promises to be a distinguished career!

I was just a little curious about Efrat's unusual name (at least unusual for the states), so I had to look up its meaning. Efrat is a Hebrew name meaning "honored" or "distinguished" and it also refers to the place where Rachel, wife of Jacob (of Old Testament stories) was buried - a "fruitful place." My curiosity now satisfied, I'm honored to show you some of the beautiful work that Efrat does.

A beautiful fusion of urban chic with nature's organic, Efrat's jewelry displays her flair for manipulating sterling silver and karat gold into creations like these Bell Flower Earrings.

I'm not sure how familiar any of you might be with the process of wax casting in jewelry design, but my husband Al had an uncle who happened to be in the field, so I'm somewhat familiar with the process. It is an exacting and time-consuming process, but the results are beautiful as you can see in this stunning Open Hive Cuff.

Elegantly simple and modern, with clean lines and just a touch of a matte finish, her enchanting designs like this Heart Ring featuring a tiny deep pink rhodolite gemstone are sure to become timeless and enduring. *Sigh* So romantic and sweet!

Efrat is in the process of establishing her business presence on the Net, so in addition to EfratDeutsch on Etsy she is also working on launching her own website. You'll have other opportunities to interact with this up and coming artist on her blog (where you'll find glimpses into her studio and her life as well as her latest projects), Facebook (where you'll be able to easily comment on her work and share it with your friends and favorites), on Twitter (for the latest in special deals and promotions), and on Flickr (where you can learn more about her process and inspiration through her galleries.)

Thanks for stopping by - and be sure to leave a comment... I'm sure that Efrat, like all artisans, would appreciate your thoughts and ideas!

See you soon!


Leta Porter said...

Beautiful Work~~

Victoria said...

Wow, this is amazing! Those bell flower earrings are so simple, but what a clever design. All those impressive credentials definitely show. :)

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