Friday, January 21, 2011

Uncommonly Cute - A BESTeam Feature

Well, it happened. My hard drive crashed Monday morning... and in its death took all of my files and favorites and photos to hardware heaven. Luckily for me (and more luckily than I realized since the process I had thought was in place to do backups, wasn't), my amazing computer geek husband managed to retrieve enough data from my now-dead hard drive to be able to recreate virtually everything. With the replacement of my old hard drive and power supply, some tweaking here and there, and the ability to ignore my sobs of computer withdrawal, he finally got Defiant (my computer in our network) resuscitated and healthier than ever late last night. Now I get to try to catch up with everything I fell behind on over the past four days! More about all that in future posts... and on to the matter at hand!

It is my pleasure and a real honor to be featuring another new team member shop from the BESTeam - MsFormaldehyde. I have to admit that when I received Kelly's request to join the team and saw her shop name, I had a "hmmm..." moment. That "hmmm..." quickly turned into and "OMG, I LOVE this shop!" moment. This shop is fresh, fun, funky, and well, as my title says - uncommonly cute! Kelly creates jewelry and accessories in a variety of nouveau nostalgic and modern themes that include goth, Polynesian/Tiki, Burlesque, and Day of the Dead among so many others! Here are just a few of the awesome treats you'll find at MsFormaldehyde!

Perfect for Dia de Los Muertas fashion themes, this Turquoise Skull Green Monarch Butterfly Barrette blends the traditional sugar skull motif with the transformational symbolism of the butterfly for a touch of festive color! Kelly has quite of few similar items, but I personally love this color combination!

There's no doubt that Sally Rand and Gypsy Rose Lee defined the late years of bawdy burlesque and their routines wouldn't be complete without their feathery finery. Well, women are taking a second look at the allure of accessories like Kelly's Vintage Inspired Feather Headband with pearl accents, and making their own updated sultry and feminine fashion statements... the nouveau nostalgic look.

I LOVE these little tropical beauties! A set of Orange Plumeria Barrettes is the perfect way to add a touch of exotic allure to long hair or an up-do. Warmer weather will be here before you know it - Now's the time to buy while the selection is at its best!

If this doesn't touch your heart, I don't know what will! I think this Pink Glitter Heart Skeleton Hand Necklace is young and trendy and just plain fun. I hope you will too!

I also hope you'll take a second (or a couple hundred) to check out MsFormaldehyde as well as Kelly's Blog and Facebook page!

Other place you can find Kelly's work online or in the San Diego, CA and Anna Maria Island, FL areas are:

4967 Newport Avenue, Suite 12
San Diego (Ocean Beach), CA 92107

San Diego, CA

Salon Radiance
4731 3rd street
La Mesa, CA 91941
16278 Pacific Coast Highway
Huntington Beach, CA, 92649

The Hive (Anna Maria Island)
119 Bridge Street
Bradenton Beach, FL 34217



Your Daily Jewels said...

I'm convinced. Can't write now, gotta go check out Ms.Formaldehyde! :)

Cookala said...

enjoyed the feature!! gotta check her out now!!

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