Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Twice the Talent - A BESTeam Feature

This BESTeam feature places the spotlight on a little shop called OurHometoYours - and the mother and daughter teamful of talent that spoons up helping after helping of handmade and vintage fare for your buying pleasure!

Amanda, the daughter part of this duo, holds a Masters in Graphic Design, and having recently moved back "home" to North Carolina and temporarily "in" with mom Debbi, loves to dabble in crafting... which includes some crocheting as well as a less often seen talent for art. With a toddler in tow, her days are busy - which explains why sharing the work of running a shop with her mom seems to work so well for them both.

Mom Debbi is a veritable powerhouse of inspiration, love and support, in addition to her own talents in the areas of crocheting and art and a penchant for all things vintage. Not only have Debbi and her husband Chuck managed to successfully blend their families since their marriage in 1994, opening their hearts and home to not only each other's children, but numerous foster children over the years, and even adding a daughter of their own as they adopted Hannah, a foster child destined to become a permanent part of their family. Even though Debbi is a grandmother and great grandmother, she seems to have fulfilled a special calling at a time when many women would be ready to relax and enjoy an empty nest. Not this one tho... she even homeschools Hannah!

I hope you'll take a peek at some of the great handmade and vintage items, as well as a smattering of supplies, that you'll find in this one-stop shop! Here's a few of my favorites -

Either this handmade pink and purple fuzzy scarf really tickles, or Hannah's simply got the giggles! I have a feeling it's probably the latter, but this fun fur boa is adorable enough to brighten anyone's mood! (Debbi made this one!)

C'mon, you know you've always wanted one. Yes, that is a vintage handmade mink jacket. It was custom made in the 70's by Virgina Millsaps in Taylorsville North Carolina, and is still in excellent condition. Simply stunning!

You have to love the smiles in this family! This cute little cap features the visual warmth of orange and red and the physical warmth and comfort that comes from being made from a worsted weight yarn. This Crochet Tam in striped Red and Orange was created by Amanda!

In addition to OurHomeToYours, you'll be able to find this delightful mom and daughter duo on their blog, on Facebook, and on Twitter. Be sure to follow them for all the latest stories of their amazing family, their new products and some great promos to boot!

See you soon!

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our home to yours said...

thank you for this greatfeature. that picture of hannah is one of my favorites too.
- ourhometoyours

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