Friday, January 14, 2011

She Sells Soap...

...and Sandy's charming ways will keep you in stitches! Well, stitch markers at least! Okay, weak attempt at humor, but it's Friday and it's been a relatively busy week. We've had more than our share of viruses on the BESTeam this week, both the human and computer variety, so I'm chipping in and doing an extra feature of a sweet little shop called Sandy's Soaps and Things (sandyvern) on Etsy!

This crafty lady is a member of that wonderful breed of crafters who will look at something and say, "I think I can make that... ," and then does! When she's not busy running her pet sitting service or taking care of her own menagerie, this New England native loves a variety of crafts including making cold process and molded soaps, and dabbling in knitting and jewelry design.
I think her entire line of soaps sound amazing - but these are a few of my favorites!

Goat Milk soap, of course!

Her bath bombs are... well... "Da bomb!"

Relaxing Lavender soap is always a favorite for anyone from 1 to 100!

In addition to her soaps, you'll find her shop filled with "things"... a splendid collection of items like handknit washcloths, earrings and bracelets and other jeweled delights, as well as a wonderful array of her charming stitch markers. These adorable Summer Time Cocktail Stitch Markers are my favorites!

Visit Sandy's shop often because you never know what great new creative endeavor she'll add to her repertoire next! You can also follow along on her adventures on her blog, aptly named The Adventures of Sandy Vern !

Have the BEST Friday ever... I'll be back tomorrow with some goodies from Cary, NC! See you then :)

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sandyvern said...

Thanks for such a great feature!

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