Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Fabric of Her Life - An Etsybloggers Feature

Some people share bits and pieces of their life through stories, others through old photos, others perhaps through their drawings... Looking through her shop, I got the sense that my featured artisan shares hers through fabric.

Linda Pruitt is a grandmother... big deal, you say? Lots of people are grandmothers. True, but in this day and age how many grandmothers do you know who have 25 grandchildren??? Well, now you know one! Blessed with a huge family and lots of unconditional love - and faith strong enough to see her through the tougher times, this woman is someone I've come to look up to and admire, because she just never gives up - and she always finds something to be positive about! She recently made the decision to concentrate her creative efforts on her fabric and general crafts shop, PruittHandcrafts - and I hope you'll stop by there to appreciate the love that you can just tell she puts into every piece... along with a little bit or piece of her life story.

Her love of the country lifestyle and her dreams of living on a farm are reflected in many of her items - like this set of flour sack tea towels with quilted rooster appliques. I can hear that roosting crowing at sunrise now!

Linda is also a breast cancer survivor - and she blesses that part of her life by offering a number of beautiful BCA items for fellow survivors to use or wear as a reminder of their own fight against this disease. Statistics predict that 12.5% of women alive today will have developed this disease at some time in their life. That's approximately 1 out of every 8 women who live to age 85. And we're not alone - while slightly over 200,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year, over 2000 men will also be diagnosed with this disease. If you know of someone who is battling this disease or has won a battle against it, you'll appreciate Linda's support of the cause. Some of her items, like this lovely hot pink reversible cuff, are not only a statement of support, but Linda will donate $10 of the proceeds to the American Cancer Society's "Making Strides for Breast Cancer" program. What a beautifully fashionable way to support a worthwhile cause!

As I mentioned earlier, Linda is also a grandmother... in fact, her newest grandbaby, Jubilee Joy arrived just a few short weeks ago on December 4th! Congratulations, Grandma! With 25 grandkids, Linda could probably be considered an expert in the field of keeping the little ones busy and safe and the creative corner neat and tidy. What budding artist wouldn't love this adorable Crayon Carrier Roll Up? Linda describes it as "cute as a bugs ear" and she even gives you a fabric with the little critters to prove it!

Take a few minutes to stop by PruittHandcrafts to pick out a piece of her life that fits your life - and better yet, purchase one of those great BCA support items or make a donation to Linda's cause to help medicine find a way to help more women (and men) survive breast cancer. You can also follow Linda's blog and Facebook page to find out more about her family (and future grandchildren??) as well as staying up to date with her newest craft ideas and product releases!

Thanks for stopping by - I'll be back tomorrow with some champagne by moonlight treats for you! Have a good one!

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