Sunday, December 5, 2010

Delightful Discoveries - Procrastinator's Holiday Gift Guide $25 and Under!

You're looking for something for Auntie Grizelda or Uncle Charlie, or maybe a coworker whose name you got in the Secret Santa grab bag, or a holiday thank you for the go-to person for your local craft club, but you really can't afford to spend a lot and you want something unique... or maybe your twenty (or thirty?)-something son has just brought home the fourth girl/woman this year that he's insisted is "THE one" and you know he'll be grumpy if you don't include her in the family grab bag. (If you're trying to get rid of the daughter's current winner with no job and stringy hair that she gets all doe-eyed over, maybe you should head over to Regretsy after you're done here!)

Whether your shopping budget is looking like the US deficit and you still have things to buy, or you want to add "a little something" to the gift you've already bought, I've found some fun, funny, useful, sweet, and practical gift in the $11-$25 range. Let's take a look!

Laughter can go a long way - make someone smile with these...

Nanas Kitchen Set by homesewnbychristine $11
HUMOROUS BARBECUE APRON- Grill Sergeant from platopooch $25
Humorous Housewife Kitchen Towel Set from embroideredtreasures $25

Perhaps something feminine yet useful for someone on your list...

Trinket Box from funwallart $25
Red Boa Scarf from iknitandbead** $25
9 Half Bar Handmade Soap Sampler Set by SweetSallysSoaps $18

How about something sweet and thoughtful for a special someone?

Orange Expressions Coptic Stitch Journal from WriteOwl $18
12x12 Ceramic Tile Decor from doewee** $25
Parachute Seed Copper Rustic Earrings- Wishes Forever from SilverSmack

No matter what state you find yourself in, these gifts will put a smile on someone's face!

Handthrown ceramic birdfeeder by FunGusPottery** $25
State of Mind Keepsake/Memory Box by EspeciallyMade $25
Positive and Negative Share Space - Stone Coaster Set (4) by WyndsongDesigns $18

Everyone has hobbies and talents - remind them of how much you appreciate theirs!

Kitchen Set - Towel - 2 Pot holders - Dish Soap Apron - Tan Hearts from pringleenterprise $19.95
Eight French Chef Magnets from ThisAndThatInVermont** $13
Utility Apron - Pink Floral from connectthedotscrafts $25

Tomorrow will be the last of my official "Procrastinator's Holiday Gift Guides" for this year - and I'll be sharing some great gifts that are a real deal at $10 or less! I think you'll be surprised at some of the great things I've found ;)

Have a great start to your week and let's get that Christmas shopping done!

**designates an undiscovered or underdiscovered shop!


PussDaddy said...

You showcased some really nice stuff. Now let's hope Aunt Grizelda reaches into Santa's grab bag and finds herself a new name.


SilverSmack said...

Gorgeous picks! I must stop procrastinating! Thanks for including my Copper Parachute Seed Earrings.

Karla said...

Great picks! I love your blog...thanks for including my "humorous" kitchen towels.

Anonymous said...

"Auntie Grizelda" teehee! I love your wonderful picks. I'm trying my best to get the shopping done, thanks for the nudge! And, thank you very much for including my scarf in your post. :)

Chris said...

What a great selection of items you have chosen! What an honor to have one of mine alongside all the fabulous things! Thanks for including my kitchen set!

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