Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Delighful Discoveries - Put De Lime in De Coconut 10.28.10

Brother bought a coconut, he bought it for a dime
His sister had another one, she paid it for a lime.
She put the lime in the coconut, she drank them both up...
~Coconut by Harry Nilssen 1971

Boy, does that song bring back memories!! I was in junior high when it was released and it was one of those songs that you could count on hearing at school dances and high school parties... and because it was simply a silly song if was just plain fun to sing along with. (Yeah, yeah, I know... I'm sure there were hidden meanings. After all, every song back then had hidden meanings, didn't it?)

I'm a little older, a little wiser, and thankfully at time a little sillier than I was back then, but this song still makes me laugh! The imagery it evokes is equally fun and I can just imagine being on a Caribbean island watching this scene go down at a beachfront bar among a group of young people. But what I'd really be loving from my seat at the other end is asking the bartender to tap a fresh coconut for me to enjoy some coconut juice, a shot of rum, and a twist of lime. Not only is the drink yummy, but the coconut and lime provide a beautiful visual contrast of colors - just like these lovelies I'm sharing with you here! Enjoy as I showcase these items whose creators have "put de lime in de coconut" by mixing lime green, brown, and coconut white. No doctors needed!

(l-r, top to bottom)

high frequency by messicakes
The Jackie Bag - A Classic Everyday Bagfrom LittleMsBoutique
Vintage Glass Bowls with Green Brown and Gold Leaf and Berries from redpopshop
Home Essentials - Glee/Kiwi - Green, Brown, White Stripes - Pillow Slip Cover by Nelly23
Container Round Cylinder Striped Wood by UniquelyYoursbyCil
OOAK Limited Edition Napkin Rings - Lampwork Beads and Wire Wrapped Hoops - Lime Green, Earth Brown and Elegant White (6 pieces) by NoniBam
Woodland Elf Green, Brown and White Wash Cloths from Mmim
Green Tea Ice Cream Necklace from TheJewelryBailOut
Jungle Jam Traveling Jewery Bag from IslandGirlsJewelry
Handmade Scrabble Tile Pendant - Bird - Quotes 2 by Karmacrochet
Green Woodland Toadstool - Lampwork Focal Bead SRA from AshlynDesign
Ribbon covered Hair clips for little girls set of 3 lime green brown white from foreverandrea
White and Brown Leaves print in Green - 8 inches Large Silver Frame Clutch from FA2u
Lovely Bracelet Series 29 from Perihan
Handspun Merino Wool Yarn - Mint Chocolate Chip - 140 Yards from valentinearts

Carrot's on the color menu tomorrow, and I'll be squeezing in a couple of team shop features over the next couple of days as well. Busy, busy, busy... and New Year's right around the corner, so of course I have a couple of surprises and changes in store for you!

Stay tuned!


Lori Bergmann said...

What a lovely collection of items—I really love this color combo too! Thank you so much for including my little Green Toadstool bead! *Ü*

brooke said...

Bright and beautiful! I love the color combo you chose. Thank you for including my wash cloths in your blog! CHEERS!!

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