Friday, November 19, 2010

Delightful Discoveries - Those Were the Days 11.19.10

(Yesterday just completely got away from me because of a project I was working on, so please don't lynch me for this post being a day late! I'm going to try and play catch-up today and post both yesterday's and today's feature!)

Those were the days my friend
We thought they'd never end
We'd sing and dance forever and a day
We'd live the life we choose
We'd fight and never lose
For we were young and sure to have our way.
La la la la...
Those were the days, oh yes, those were the days

~Music and Lyrics by Russian composer Boris Fomin

I don't think a day goes by that I don't run across something online or on TV that doesn't make me stop and say "We used to have one of those! Remember when...?" With the recent revival of interest in vintage goods, we have more access to so many wonderful items that bring back memories of the past... of childhood Thanksgiving dinners at Grandmother's house, stories told at Grandpa's knee, Christmas presents we adored as children, clothes we loved that "went out of style" (at least temporarily), and a multitude of vintage items from so many other places in our past. Today, I'd like to share some of my favorites that I've found that I remember from days gone by!

"Help, Cecil, Help!" Those were words that any child that grew up with the original Beany and Cecil would hear during one of their cartoons. Meet Beany Boy - my first "talking" doll and the human half of this cartoon duo. Who was Cecil? Why his friendly (but seasick) sea serpent partner, of course!

Vintage BEANY DOLL by Mattel from cammoo

Rain or Shine? Only one way to know for sure - check to see whether the man is standing outside his house with his umbrella! These cute little weather stations were popular back in the 60's! Who needs a weatherman?!?
Vintage German Weather House handcrafted barometer novelty from FreshUrbanVintage

How to stay warm in those wickedly windy Chicago winters? These worked for me! The muff kept my hands nice and toasty and while those pompoms tickled a bit at times, this was just like the set I wore to church and special events!
Toddler Girl's White Rabbit Fur Pixie Bonnet Hat Collar Muff Set Vintage 60's from GetLuckyVintage

The description for this item says that they weren't sure but they thought it might have been a lunch box. Well, put that to rest because it was! I carried one of these to school around 5th or 6th grade - although mine was pink, orange, and white!

Vintage 1960s Plastic Vinyl Flower Power Lunchbox / Purse / Handbag from BreesVintageRevivals

Sears cornered the market in kitchen decorating with their "Merry Mushroom" line back in the first half of the 70's...and yup, Mom had a set of these!

Merry Mushrooms Canister Set Vintage 1976 from bythewayside

Wow, does this bring back memories! My grandmother (we all lived in the same household) owned a candy shop that I pretty much grew up in. And we had two of these pop cases in the store to keep the bottles of Coca Cola and Old Dutch soda pop cold!

1950s or 1960s Coca Cola Cooler Refrigerator from kitschomatic

Before Tupperware, there was... da da daaa... these heavy duty and surprisingly versatile refrigerator dishes. They were great for leftovers, jello molds, and keeping fruit and veggies protected. Mom had a set of these too! (Although the tops were a little different!)
2 matching FEDERAL GLASS refrigerator dishes from LadySneezeweed

Atomic wall clocks were all the rage in the late 50s and early 60's... and no, they weren't sophisticated like today's atomic clocks. With the novelty of "the atomic age", interior decorators incorporated the imagery of atomic energy in sunburst design wall clocks like these. Our living room clock was similar, but this sparks a memory of being in someone's home that I frequented - just can't remember whose!

Where did my grandparents store their perishables before they could afford a refrigerator? In their icebox, of course. By the time I came around, we were using my grandmother's icebox as a storage cabinet, but I remember having one almost exactly like this one! What a conversation piece this would be!

Antique Icebox, Tall, Quartersawn Oak, All Original, Excellent from Nachokitty

"Well, I got a brand new pair of roller skates - You got a brand new key..." Anyone else remember that old song from Melanie (Safka)? THESE Vintage Roller Skates from NotYourGrandmasAttic were the type of roller skates and key she was talking about! You simply slipped them on over your tennis shoes (this was pre-cushioned shoes days, btw!), buckled them, and away you flew. Usually into a neighbors' rose bush or hanging on to the sissy bar of your bff's banana seat bike! Who needs pads and a helmet - we survived... not too much worse for the wear! And anyway, I have STORIES - like why I have a pebble in my knee or the scar on my foot. I can hear future generations telling their kids about their adventures as children... "One day I was riding my new bike with my new knee pads and shin guards, and elbow pads and wrist guards and helmet and I fell...and I was PERFECTLY ALRIGHT! (Don't worry, I completely understand keeping kids safe, but you have to admit that listening to stories from old folk like us is pretty entertaining! My daughter still shivers when I tell her about cars without seat belts or my friends getting to drive their dad's trucks out in the fields when they were 10 or 11 or even just not having to lock our doors at night!)

I learned to sew on a treadle sewing machine just like this one! We had a more modern sewing machine, but Mom felt it was safer learning this way! Of course that meant that intricate patterns and embroidery stitches were all done by hand-stitching! It was cool in that we actually learned how to create all the different effects by hand - and I still love to do embroidery and crewel that way! What a gorgeous piece of history!
Antique 1915 Singer Treadle Sewing Machine from PatternGuy

My childhood version of the DVD player! My dad picked up one of these projectors at the junkyard back in the mid 60s (nope, no garage sales back then - just junkyards and church rummage sales). He had a small library of scifi and National Geographic documentaries we'd watch on a sheet on the kitchen wall. Life was good.
Vintage Movie Projector - Bell and Howell - Model 256 - 8mm Projector from Retrofi

My grandma had a tray just like this one that she kept in her bedroom. It was our table to play card games or for her to show me her treasures on... these were trinkets from her entire life - usually holy cards or greeting cards or post cards from her family back in Europe or a doily that she had crocheted or pictures of my mom as a child. Lots of good memories :)
Vintage Metal Floral Tray Black with Red Roses and Yellow Flowers--Shabby Chic Cottage from RichardandRuthie

There were many a breakfast and dinner spent with a bowl just like one of these in front of me. We had a set that we used for cereal and soups and stews and ice cream sundaes. I think Mom may actually still have one of these in her cupboard, come to think of it! I always loved the luster finish on these - reminded me of pearly shells!
Peach Swirl Lusterware Bowls by Fire King from RollingHillsVintage

I mentioned a few weeks back that I loved doll houses as a child. Well, this beauty is one of the reasons why! I had one just like it! I especially remember the pink bathroom decor so I'm guessing that is definitely part of the original set! SO many days spent playing house in this little world!

Metal dollhouse renwal acme furniture from tbklover

It's only my humble opinion, but My Book House books are one of the most wonderful additions anyone can make to their children's library collection. Beautifully illustrated with tons of wonderful stories and poems, you'll be enchanted with everything they contain. My favorite (if I'm remembering the title right) is a poem called "The Fairy Shoemaker". I could rattle it off by the time I was three and I still remember bits and pieces of it - I just loved it!
1937 My Book House FROM THE TOWER WINDOW Childrens Storybook - Knights and Castles from violetsandgrace

These are just some of the wonderful finds I've discovered in my journeys through the aisles of Etsy. Can you imagine what treasures YOU might find checking out all of these and the other wonderful vintage shops on Etsy!?! Give it a try and if you'd like, come back and share one of your favorites with me!

I'm going to try to get another post up a little later today with some delicious sounding beverage treats. so grab yourself a beverage later and stop on by to see what new favorites are waiting for you to try!

Have a great Friday! See you soon :)


Rolling Hills Vintage said...

This brings back so many memories..thank you so much for featuring my lusterware bowls.

Rolling Hills Vintage

Nachokitty said...

My Mom had those mushroom canisters too! Thanks for featuring my icebox. I'm taking offers on it if anyone is interested in it!

ladysneezeweed said...

I really enjoyed your BLOG and your featured listings ! Thx for including my federal glass storage dishes ! said...


What a fun BLOG!
Thank you for including my atomic clock.
Those Lusterware dishes serve many memories of Cocoa Krispies when I was little :)))

Jaci said...

Karen, What a fabulous grouping of memories! I had a Beanie and Cecil purse that my daughter played with as a child, but it got lost...
I longed for a muff set, lucky you to actually have had one!
And my parents had that exact set of TV trays! (We never used them - didn't get a TV until 1974!!)
Thanks for including my canisters :)

Sale-ing in Denver said...

great post! wonderful vintage items!

Vicky Bell said...

Great choices! My mother had an atomic clock- I always wondered what happened to it. Thanks for putting my barometer in the mix!

Anonymous said...

I can remember my first pair of skates just like your featured ones. My mother had that same clock, my dad loved showing our home movies on his projector-he used to splice them to make one looong movie and we would watch them every weekend he was home from work. My first doll house was exactly like the one featured here, and let me just say, I have enjoyed this post so much! You really brought some great memories back. Thank you so much Karen! I love your blog ALOT and hope to read all of your future posts from now on. Thank you for bringing me back to the good-ole-days!

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