Friday, November 12, 2010

Delightful Discoveries - Thank you, H.G.Wells 11.12.10

The works of H.G. Wells probably did more to inspire the popular genre of steampunk than any other popular author of the late 19th and 20th centuries. Combining subtle sub-themes of romance with the wonder of science in settings he was fancied as the future of the world, Wells' journeys took the world traveling through layers of time and space. From the time travel of The Time Machine, to confrontation with alien machines in War of the Worlds, to his treatises on the paths man must follow to avoid destroying himself, Mr Wells tackled the future through lessons learned in the past - and inspired the 20th century world to look at the possibilities, both good and bad, of the future through his ability to join past and future.

This blend of old and new, science and romance, is what Steampunk is all about... and I hope you'll enjoy these wonderful interpretations of the genre!

(l-r, top to bottom)
Steampunk Goggles Glasses lenses loops LARP cyber---RARE-----Time Travel Crazy Scientist's Oculo-Vision Tool from oldjunkyardboutique
Her Majesty's Royal Guard Airship from TammyPryce**
Steampunk USB flash drive with glass window and glowing quartz crystal from steamworkshop
Steampunk Bunny Shirt from ShoriAmeshiko
Olifant Steampunk Gas Mask in Black Leather from TomBanwell
Steampunk Airship Captain Industrial Propeller Ring 1 by Dr Brassy Steamington from KimberleeTime
Wings of Time - Steampunk Cuff Watch from Aranwen
Steampunk Mini Victorian Top Hat - Black and Gold Stripefrom rubyraven
Steampunk Jewelry - RING - Copper REPTILE taxidermy glass EYE and clock parts - SIZE 11 ONLY from CatherinetteRings
Octopus Cufflinks - Captain of the Nautilus Formal from CosmicFirefly
Mechanical Octopus - Steampunk 8.5x11 Art Print from KiriMothDesigns
Steampunk Necklace - A Vintage Ruby Jeweled Watch Movement Treasure Accented with Dark Blue Swarovski Crystals from LondonParticulars
I Believe I Can Fly - OOAK Sculpture from WelshStudio**
iRetrofone Steampunk - Black/Gold from freelandstudio
Classic Space Cadet Retro Ray Gun Blue Silver Wood Pendant Ornament from buildersstudio

So, tell me - what's YOUR favorite piece? Can you guess what mine might be? Leave a comment and let me know!

Tomorrow, I featuring the drama of red and black together - and believe me, it will be a bold, dramatic and visually stunning array! So be sure to stop in and take a look at this bold study in contrasts! You won't be disappointed :)

Happy Weekend! Enjoy yours and be sure to check out the wonderful shops on Etsy and the other handmade marketplaces for all of your holiday goods! See you soon :)
**designates an undiscovered or underdiscovered shop!


Tom Banwell said...

I love the telephone! Wow!

Linda Pruitt said...

I love the Top Hat! So fun!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the feature :) -Aranwen

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