Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Delightful Discoveries - Playing with Mud 11.02.10

Remember being a little kid and playing in the mud? I do... How about building sandcastles? Or maybe playing with Play-Doh - creating all of those adorable little creatures or that new tea set for your dollies? Such great memories! Well, I think some people just never outgrow wanting to play in the mud, or build castles out of sand, or adorable little critters out of clay. Thank goodness!!!! Without them, we wouldn't have so many wonderful artists and artisans offering their special type of artistry :) Here are a few of the awesome things I found while browsing the ceramics and pottery category on Etsy!

I love mugs with a wide base and nice solid handles - and the color on these Fog Latte Mugs - Set of 2 by dorothydominguez is just amazing! I could easily imagine sipping tea on a rainy day out of one of these babies!

This is simply sweet -and the detail on the adorable lamb and vines is simply amazing! Lacy and Friends by claynestpottery would make a lovely gift for your mom, favorite aunt, or anyone who appreciates the gentleness of spring.

Perfect for that den or family room with a seashore theme, this set of 4 Brown and White Starfish Coasters from artlauren features unglazed brown clay perfect for soaking up that moisture on that icy drink!

My grandkids call me Grandma Karen, but that's okay, this Dandelion Dish from the MudHutt is customizable with whatever name you like! That's a Christmas present any grandma (or mom or teacher or whoever) will cherish forever!

Dress up your table or breakfast nook (or your favorite gift recipient's) with this exotically beautiful engraved Salt and pepper shaker set with a toothpick container and plate with a rattan handle. You'll find it at MetamorphosesOfClay.

Love tea or know someone who does? This Black and Tan Teapot, Cream and Sugar Set With Wooden Handles from mistersmo ** would be a wonderful serving set. I think those wood handles just gift it that perfect edgy bit of unique!

I can sum this up in one word.... adorablecutesweetloveabledarlingdelightful...
or to put it simply - awwwwwww! Ain't he just the most loveable little thing you've ever seen? How can you say no to those eyes? C'mon - take him home today and give him to your sweetie. He'll make you both smile! This basset hound with a rose sculpture is waiting for you at RudkinStudio. (And he's got a whole bunch of just as cute friends of all shapes and sizes there with him!)

Need a humorous lift for your day or a small secret santa gift for the office grab bag? Here's your sign! This silly sign is just one of the many you'll find at TheHeadsCreation shop. These would also make great stocking stuffers for all of your family members and friends!

There is nothing like fresh herbs when you're cooking at home. Now you can stake out your herb garden with these rustic handmade ceramic HERB stakes garden markers (Set of 4) by GlazedOver. Team them up with some seeds and a pair of gardening gloves and you've got a wonderful holiday gift for your favorite herb gardener!

Not everyone's kitchen is feminine and frilly! This charming Loon Stoneware Utensil Holder and Vase by JimAndGina is perfect for that bachelor brother or "suddenly single again" cousin or uncle - and it'd also be perfect for that cabin in the pines. I love loons - and I'm sure that why I've been described as "loony", right? This is just a great rustic look for any rustic decor! Matching pieces are also available!

It seems like I'm always looking for small serving dishes for sauces and condiments when we're entertaining lunch or dinner guests. This enchanting Pumpkin patch set from designingdish **features three hand painted food safe pumpkin bowls on a matching green serving tray. Perfect for all of your autumn and early winter get-togethers!

The winter season can be a bit dreary at times for most the world - liven up your next football party or weekend get together by serving your snacks or salad or pasta in this vibrant Red Orange Lotus Bowl by ClayLickCreekPottery!

There is just SO MUCH great pottery and ceramic pieces available from so many gifted artisans - and this is just a teeny tiny sampling of the styles and firing methods and techniques that you'll find. Items like this make wonderful gifts for any occasion from Christmas to housewarmings, because they're useful, beautiful, and will give years of pleasure to anyone who receives them!

Tomorrow, I'll be featuring some items in a lovely shade of purple called thistle. This is a shade of purple that reflects the colors around it, making it perfect for virtually every season of the year depending on what it's paired with! Be sure to come back and see what I've found in this appealing color!

Happy shopping :)

**designates an undiscovered or underdiscovered shop!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for featuring all these handmade beauties!! We artists really appreciate getting the word out about our work. Great collection of gift ideas!! =0]

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