Monday, November 29, 2010

Delightful Discoveries - Have to Go B(u)y the Book! 11.29.10

I'm lucky. I've always enjoyed reading, simply because it can take you places you've never been before (and in some cases would never really want to go) and it can open your mind and imagination up to a whole new world of thoughts and experiences, not to mention knowledge!

Most people don't really think of Etsy as a place to go to buy books, but between the vintage shops that have some amazing collectible and rare antiquarian tomes, there's also a number of writers who have chosen to offer their own work in limited editions or self publish any of a number of genres from cookbooks to novels to how-tos. So today, let's hit the books together and see what there is to see... and there's some pretty amazing and different stuff out there!

You'll find something you'll love whether it's for the young... or simply young at heart...

Custom Personalized Childrens Story Book GOD LOVES ME from kplus
Original Story-Romance in Old Age by GratitudeLady

There are books that speak for and to others about surviving the realities of life...

While other authors prefer to create new and fantastic worlds.

The World of Rynaga - Prelude from rynaga
John Carter Warlord of Mars Comic Book Number 1 1977 from dangerdogstore
The Hinomoto Rebellion- Novel by Elizabeth Staley- Now with Preview of Aftershocks Of A Revolution from lizstaley

You'll find books about cooks and some great cookbooks too!

Need a book on how to handle the creatures of your imagination?

You can always find some inspiration and motivation...

Creative Bloom Autographed with Original Art from birdfromawire
Altered Curiosities Assemblage Techniques and Projects from WynnStudio
The Complete Etsy Success Kit - 5 Books from MonsterGuides

And what collection would be complete without novels and poems?

FALLING - original novel by Cate Lawrence from reqbat
Possibilities, my illustrated poetry chapbook from stockwellcottage
Fatal Distraction B O O K from makeitawesome

I hope this gives you some sense of the eclectic array of vintage and brand new titles that are available on Etsy - and I hope that you'll take the time to peruse the book and zines categories for some of the best of the old and bright new authors that Etsy has to offer!

Tomorrow I'll be here with some items from one of my favorite categories on Etsy - purses, bags, and totes (with a wallet or two thrown in for good measure!) Hope to see you all back here late tomorrow to see what wonders I've found this time around!

See you then!

**designates an undiscovered or underdiscovered shop!

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bluedogrose said...

I didn't realize there were so many cool books on Etsy! Thanks for the mention for LWR bakes a cake :)

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