Sunday, October 17, 2010

Delightful Discoveries - Kinda Corny 10.17.10

Corn yellow is the color of the day today and I thought I'd include some trivia about the grain that this color was named after! I hope you'll enjoy this beautiful, golden yellow!

Sweet corn is one of only a few crops grown in all 50 states

Gold and Tibetan red whitebeam cuff
by SueGregor**

The sweet corn syrup from one bushel
of corn can sweeten 400 cans of soft drinks.

Original Hat and Scarf in Sparkling Yellow/
Subtle Sparkle/ European Slouch
from hatsbyanne1942

In England, corn refers to their primary crop of wheat.
In Ireland and Scotland, the same word means oats.
Some Germans refer to rye as "korn."

Did you know? The average ear of corn has
800 kernels, typically arranged in 16 rows,
with one piece of silk for each kernel!

Corn has been cultivated for
about 7000 years, but sweet
corn has only been around for 200!
Golden Yellow and Violet Fresh Water Pearls Fabric Flower Brooch
by youaremysunshine

Sweet corn is a good source of folate,
which may prevent birth defects
and heart disease.
iPhone cozy by 2kute

75% of all grocery items contain corn in some processed form.

Should you grow your own?
Fresh corn on the cob will lose
up to 40% of its sugar content after
6 hours of room temperature storage.

October 30 is National Candy Corn Day!

Hand Knit Hat - Halloween Candy Corn Hat - Limited Edition
by pixiebell

Believe it or not - Cornstarch is used in
the production of spark plugs!

La Bicyclette Wristlet
by queenbee55

Tomorrow's feature should be interesting as I tell you about the unique name of the purple shade called 20 pound purple. Hope to see you all back here for that tidbit of information as well as a look at some lovely items featuring this beautiful color!

See you soon :)

**designates an undiscovered or underdiscovered shop

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