Saturday, October 2, 2010

Delightful Discoveries - Greetings! 10.2.10

I love finding greeting cards in the mail box, or opening a card from a family member or friend on a special occasion. Between the images they display and the words they contain, they can evoke very strong feelings with very little effort!

I waver between loving funny and snarky cards and those thoughtful, inspirational, beauties that are chosen from the heart. I'm guessing most people are like that, so with that in mind, I've selected a great assortment of funny, snarky, touching, beautiful, and just plain fun cards to share with you today. It's so hard to show just a few when there are literally thousands of cards to choose from that are created by talented and often witty card crafters! Now, in no particular order...

Greeting card - Halloween - You and I share the same problems on Halloween - It's hard for us beauties to look scary.

by twinnieart

Quilled thank you card

by PaperDaisyCardDesign

Birthday Cat Greeting Note Card

by Celticcatphotos

Rolling Eyes Note Cards set of 6 blank

by ShesSOCreative


by Dayeee2**

3 D Snowman Family Easel Stand Alone Greeting Card With Matching Envelope Hand embellished Hand Crafted Layered

by GreetingsByDesign**

Set of Two Cards - Hope and Possibility - Handmade Greeting Cards

by UnexpectedKnock**

Autumn Leaves Note Cards - Set of 4

by orangecatart

Handmade Happy Birthday Card - Flora

by littlebbunny

Funny, Snarky Holiday Card / I Don't Know Your Religion

by NeatThings

Grazie / Thanks Hand Stamped Note Cards, Set of 10 in Black Ink

by ThirdStreetPaperCo **

And now I'll say "grazie" (thank you) to you all for stopping by! Please leave a comment to let these wonderful card crafters know how much you enjoy their work! Tomorrow's feature will showcase items with an Egyptian theme. Quite a while back, I had done a treasury on Etsy of Egyptian themed items and it was a huge success so I thought I would see what I could find that would remind me of the land of the Pharaohs and pyramids, the realm of Ra and Anubis. Hopefully I'm not just floating up the river of De-Nile and some of you will send me the links to your favorite Egyptian themed treasures!

Have a wonderful Saturday, and I'll see you soon!

**designates an undiscovered or underdiscovered shop


Anonymous said...

Lovely blog post, thank you for sharing all these wonderful cards! I totally fell in love with Quilled thank you card by PaperDaisyCardDesign.

as_you_like_it by dicarlos said...

Ooh! Great post! Thanks so much for including my cards.

Celtic Cat said...

What a lovely collection of different styles of cards. Thank You!

niftyknits said...

My favourite? "hope is the thing with feathers" - not quite sure what it means, but I like the elusive feeling!

LindaS said...

lovely collection!

Tealwater said...

I absolutely adore the "don't roll your eyes at me young lady" card! We have a running joke at work about people rolling their eyes because our boss wrote in the office policy that eye rolling was not! I will have to send this card to her will make her laugh.

ViKotas said...

I usually buy cards that are either very funny or very artistic.

BTW, I have seven cats: I should live for a long time!

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