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Artistic Legacies - A BESTeam Feature

Dreams Do Not Rest

I was chatting online a few days ago with a friend who is an artisan and also an avid genealogist. Since my husband Al loves genealogy, and has shared his wonderful hobby with me, I've gained an amazing amount of respect for these historians who spend an incredible amount of time trying to ferret out the smallest bits of information in trying to establish a person's identity, let alone anecdotal information about them. That chat got me thinking though - and we all know how much trouble that can get me in!

I was thinking about all of the wonderful items that I've had the honor and pleasure of sharing with you on my blog over the past couple of years, and two things dawned on me. One is how little future generations may know about our artistry simply because many of us don't have a way of creating a lasting credit for our talents. The other is that someday, someone may run across a piece of art with a mark or a signature on it - and in trying to learn more about the artist whose creative energy, life experiences, and passions inspired that work, may only find mention of that person in a blog piece like mine.

Beach Walk in Blue
Sure, artists and artisans may sign their work with their full name (hi sis!) or some enigmatic mark, or it may be identifiable simply by style - but will their artistic legacy lead anyone to a way of finding out who the artist truly was? I realize many people may not care much about the person who created the earrings they wore to that holiday party in 2008, or even the artist who signed their name to the original of the print on their living room wall - but I know I can't be the only one who often wonders about the person behind the art. Were they young or old when they created it? What inspired them? Who was their muse? What were the other passions in their lives? Every artist has a story - and if anyone happens to run across a blogspot archive years from now and reads any of my articles... I hope I've been able to help you in your search for that understanding of some of these wonderful artists and their lives!

"Blessings" archival print
Whether it's a musical piece, an artistic masterpiece, or simply a piece of jewelry, wouldn't it be wonderful if it could lead its owner back to us? In addition to the legacy we leave in our artistry, we could leave a legacy about ourselves - for our grandchildren and their grandchildren to know who we truly were!! I guess that's why I try to include my inspirations for my work in many of my descriptions! I want people to know me and what moves my spirit - and I hope others with artistic minds feel the same way! And so, in this impersonal world where many of us barely know our next door neighbors, I will continue to try to do my best to help you continue your legacies through my features... and I thank all of the bloggers out there who work towards that same goal! I guess I've realized there's more to this than just SEO! LOL!

Elizabeth O'Hara, today's BESTeam featured artist, has two types of wonderful artistic legacies to leave future generations - her unique watercolor artwork (ElizabethOHara) and her fused glass designs (ElizabethOHaraGlass).

Raised in a family with a great appreciation for the arts - her mother was a mural painter as well as an art instructor and her stepfather was a journalist and a jazz musician - Elizabeth and her two older siblings were all exposed to museums, performances, and books from an early age, paving the way for all of them to enjoy careers associated with the arts.

Landscape #7
Elizabeth's work has an almost surreal, yet somewhat modernist feel to it, displaying her somewhat unique relationship with the world and society around her. Nature, and man's relationship with it, are a recurring theme in her work, although I have to believe that much of her inspirational energy is hidden in the unusual techniques, textures, color schemes, and forms that are portrayed in her work.

I had selected the four items displayed here in this post for their diversity of style, even though they all have themes that I interpreted to be based in mankind's relationship to its environment. I hope you'll stop at her shops to look at these and learn more about them as well as the rest of her lovely creations!

In addition to ElizabethOHara and ElizabethOHaraGlass, you can also find Elizabeth on her Elizabeth O'Hara Art blog, at OHaraArt Facebook, and on Ohara art Twitter!

What's your legacy and how will you let others learn about you?


ViKotas said...

I always tell people who are in their "golden" years to write about their childhood ....and how they lived. What games did they play? What kind of chores did they perform? What was a typical day like?
To get a personal glimpse of how your great grandmother lived is a rare jewel....but we have to put pen to paper in order to create the jewel

Leo and Junie said...

Her bird art is beautiful! Great feature too! Karen, your writings are such a joy to read :-)

Domestic Goddess said...

Ha ha, when I first read this I read geologist instead of genealogist.

I was wondering why would a geologist need to find the history of the rock they were working with.

Oh well. Nice feature. I love the blessings print.

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