Sunday, September 5, 2010

Delightful Discoveries - It's Only Make-Believe 09.05.10

With Halloween less than two months away, I thought it would be fun (and smart) to showcase some of the great costumes that are available on Etsy. Halloween happens to be my second favorite holiday and I've enjoyed getting dressed up in a variety of costumes over the years. Some of my favorites include the Energizer Bunny, the werewolf from I Was a Teen-Age Werewolf, a bunch of grapes, and a Geisha girl. There's been a lot more in my repertoire and I've always had fun trying to come up with new ideas.

Costumes abound on Etsy all year round, but especially at this time of year, you can bet that new costume listings will be popping up daily. The trick is to buy early so you get first choice and if it's a custom costume, you have plenty of time to make sure it's delivered and ready to wear. Here are some of my favorite costumes, and I threw in a few simple props (like the quintessential mustache on a stick) for those of you who prefer to (or must) keep your costume wearing to a minimum. Enjoy!

(l-r, top-bottom)
Adult Wickedly WILD Witch from LittleRosieLane
Belly dancing costume from willow1930wi
Glinda the Good Witch Ladies Premium Costume Set
from correenscdesigns
Handmade circus clown five piece complete costume from Cathyscostumefindz
Full-length cape with hood from ShepherdsBrookStudio
Little Red Riding Hood Costume Dress and Cape from Melaniegail
Mustache on a Stick - The Geraldo from MaroDesigns
Frog Onesie - all in one adult size animal costume from bangbangcrash
Great Pewter Dragon Mask from Merimask
Gothic Wench Corset Costume Pirate Gypsy from TheBohemianGoddess
Feather Mohawk Skullcap 2 from houseofhissy
Pirate Captain from EveningArwen
Woman's Pirate Sexy Outfit from MaritimeArts
RENAISSANCE JESTER COSTUME from midnightbreezedesign
Star Trek TOS Dress Costume from pandasewingboutique

That should give you a good start on your Halloween costume planning! Tomorrow I'll be featuring great finds from or inspired by the decade of the fabulous 40's. I'd love it if you'd care to share your favorite 1940's vintage finds or items inspired by the decade when Rosie the Riveter held down the homeland, Film Noir gave us classics like the Maltese Falcon and Casablanca, and the last great World War came to an end. As always, you can send me your nominees by clicking here for the submission form to e-mail me the link to the page of the shop where I can see your items or your favorites from another shop. If you would, please put the date of the feature in the subject line for any items you're submitting for any future feature!

Hope your Sunday is super!


VeganCraftastic said...

Great costumes, I'm always attracted to pirate costumes for some reason!

laura said...

These costumes are fantastic! Halloween is so much fun!

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