Thursday, September 2, 2010

Delightful Discoveries - I Can See Clearly Now 09.02.10

When my now husband Al and I were in that "getting to know you" phase a few years ago, of course the subject of favorites came up...and naturally, one of the most common favorites to ask about is favorite colors. Now I already knew that he was definitely someone with slightly different thought processes, and maybe I should have anticipated it, but he caught me completely off guard when I asked what his favorite color was and he said, very cavalierly, "clear". Instead, I laughed, and said, "No, seriously, what's your favorite color?" And he said, with a firm tone, "Clear." Alrighty then. Clear it was, and still is, and if I gave you his logic, you would just shake your head and roll your eyes, so I'll spare you. (I spend a LOT of time involved in those two activities, since he and I are pretty much together 24/7!)

Today's blog feature is dedicated to Al. Why today? Well, it's his oldest son's birthday today (Happy 23rd, Jeremy!) - and 23 years ago, that rare genetic line and way of looking at some things in life was officially handed down from father to son.

So, I hope you can see clear now with these lovely clear items I chose to share with you in Al's honor today!

This exotic animal themed African trio vase from karenskarvings would be perfect for our guest room with its safari theme or your own safari or tribal themed space!

Another frame is always welcome in our Rogue's Gallery (our hallway full of family photos). This one is so unique! I'll bet you could find a perfect spot for it as well! Glass Photograph Frame from artglory. **

Hummingbirds are a common sight here in the Phoenix area if you have the type of plants around that they're attracted to. But for those of you who aren't so lucky, this darling HANDMADE - CRYSTAL CLEAR GLASS TORCHWORKED HUMMINGBIRD SUNCATCHER from tntartglass is the perfect substitute!

If butterflies are more your thing, and you know you'll miss them over the colder winter months each year, indulge your butterfly dreams with this delightful Winged Clarity - Medium Butterfly Twirl suncatcher from katiediditglass.

If you have a black thumb like I do when it comes to indoor plants, or you simply love unique displays for your favorite plants, how about a Hand Blown Hanging Vessel from FullBlownGlass? They're perfect for air plants or to use as a small terrarium.

Take your look retro with this Clear Vintage Wave Cuff from sususaid. Stylish and versatile, it'll go with just about any casual outfit you own as well as add a bit of polish to your less casual attire!

If you want to make a tastefully glamorous and sophisticated entrance, consider adding these lovely Swarovski crystal large teardrop with cluster dangle earrings from MeredithBead. I love the touches of black onyx for contrast!

Prefer something a little simpler? How about these stunning yet simple Clear as ice crystal wire wrapped earrings from JudysDesigns? The oxidized silver wire is perfect whether you're dressing up or dressing down!

Apothecary bottles are a unique and fun way to store so many things or to simply dress up a small area! In the kitchen, you can fill them with dried peas or beans or herbs for a colorful and homey touch of color. In the bath, use them to store your favorite bath oil or bath oil beads, bath salts or even cotton balls. So useful! Bythewayside has this great set of T.C.W Co. Glass Bottles with Ground Glass Stoppers, Set of 2 Small, 1 Large. Grab them before they're gone!

"Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for thou art crunchy and taste good with ketchup!" One of Al's favorite quotes about dragons... we have an amazing collection of these fearsomely protective creatures from the days of old! If you love dragons like we do, then you'll love this Cliff Dragon etched glass piece from Crystaletch. **

We also both love cut glass serving ware for entertaining, especially around the winter holidays. Your guests will have trouble resisting those holiday cookies and candies when they're beautifully arranged on serving pieces as great as this Vintage Tea Pedestal Stand - Crystal Glass available from shopthrifted.

Awesometownvintage offers this equally stunning VinTaGe Imperial Estate Crystal Decantor -Art Deco Style. Wouldn't that look amazing in your holiday bar set?

Add the same touch of vintage beauty to your vanity space with this adorable Crystal Flower Stopper Perfume Bottle from penorus. Perfect for perfume, essential oils, or even a little bit of potpourri when you want a quick touch of fresh scent in the air!

Looking for an attractive yet waterproof way to tote wet bathing suits, messy baby clothes, or all of those other slightly less than clean items that your kids absolutely have to bring home from the beach or pool or trip into the country? Consider this great Butterfly Beach Tote from Saphrona. Made of clear vinyl with a butterfly print, you'll also receive a smaller zipper pouch and a t-shirt for protecting sensitive children's skin from the sun. What a great, useful deal! This would also be perfect for anyone who works in the retail industry where clear pouches for your personal effects are a requirement of the job!

CLEARly a wonderful selection of goodies, I think! I hope you can see your way clear to visit all of these great shops to see not only these, but all of the great items they offer!

I'm still working on a team feature, which I'm hoping will be up later today, but if not, definitely tomorrow. In addition, tomorrow's featured color is rust - so yes, I'm asking you to show me your rusty items! They don't have to be solid rust in color, in fact I've seen some fun examples of items that may be predominantly rust colored, but have a beautiful contrast color as well. Show me your suggestion by Just clicking here to e-mail me the link to the page of the shop where I can see your items or your favorites from another shop.

Have a terrific Thursday! 'Til next time...

** (denotes an undiscovered/underdiscovered shop of the day!)


Jaci said...

I love this post! I smiled through the whole thing - both from your prose and the gorgeous items you chose! There is just something so elegant about 'clear' - you DH has good taste :)
Thank you for featuring my bottles.

ShopThrifted said...

Thank you so much for including my tea stand in your post!
Your blog is lovely.

Splendid Little Stars said...

i was curious to see what you would come up with for "clear." but just look at all these wonderful items! Your husband is a smart man!

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