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Delightful Discoveries - Hello Dolly!! 09.23.10

The oldest known surviving dolls date back nearly 4000 to 2000 B.C.E. While these early dolls were nothing more that sticks laced together in a human form with some strings for hair, modern dolls have a magnificent history. Ask any female what their favorite doll is and you're sure to be greeted with a wide assortment of answers. Some prefer fashion dolls like Barbie or Blythe, others like traditional dolls like Raggedy Ann and Andy and the once again popular willow-inspired dolls, and still others enjoy wooden peg dolls or springy bobbleheads.

How much do you know about dolls? Take this quiz and see how well you do!

1) Cindy Brady of the Brady Bunch had a doll that went missing and she accused her brother Bobby of kidnapping. What type of doll was it that Cindy actually lost to their thieving dog, Tiger? A Kitty Karry-All Doll that Cindy called Kitty.

2) Chatty Cathy, that famous talking doll, came in several versions. What color hair and eyes did the holiday version have? Holiday Chatty had brunette hair and green eyes.

3) How many articulations (points where movement could occur) did GI Joe have? 21

4) Known as L’Oiseleur (French for The Bird Trainer), the 4-foot tall android doll shown at the right comes with a sword, flute, a pair of singing birds, and a magnificent resurgence era outfit. It also plays the flute to the tune of Marche des Rois, but does not require any electricity or motors for its functioning. It runs solely on spring driven cogs and mechanism. What is the asking price (in USD) for this unique creation? a) $6,250,000 b) $765,000 c) $187,000 a)$6,250,000

5)The bespectacled Mrs Beasley Doll gained fame on this 1960's TV show - name the show and the doll's owner. Buffy, one of the twins on Family Affair, was often seen playing with Mrs Beasley.

6) Who was the first movie star to have a celebrity doll created and marketed in their likeness? a) Shirley Temple b) John Bunny c)Judy Garland d) Charlie Chaplin b) John Bunny - a silent film star

7) True or False? The first manufactured paper doll was Dottie Dimple, produced by McLoughlin Brothers in the US. False - The first manufactured paper doll was Little Fanny, produced by S&J Fuller, London, in 1812.

8) These dolls wobble, but they don't fall down. They are better known as________. Weebles

9) Parents were happy to pay a $40 "adoption fee" for one of these dolls that created a phenomenon in the mid 1980's, resulting in over 3 million "adoptions" during their first year of mass market availability. Originally known as Little People Originals, they're better known by what name? Cabbage Patch Kids

10) This fashion doll from Willow, WI whose last name was Roberts had 5 siblings. Can you give me the first names of this doll and her siblings? Barbara Millicent Roberts, better known as Barbie, had 4 sisters and a brother - Skipper (1964); the twins, Tutti and Todd (1966); Stacie (1992); and Kelly (1995)

Oh, you want the answers??? Simply highlight the space next to the end of each question by clicking and dragging your cursor and you'll find the answer waiting there! Now that you've had some fun finding out how much (or how little) you knew about dolls, let's take a look at some of the great dolls that were nominated for this fun feature! I tried to pick a nice variety, but be forewarned, you won't see the typical Barbies, Blythes, or American Girls. These are all handcrafted or vintage dolls made from fine porcelain, clay, wood, fabric, fiber, paper, imagination, and obviously a lot of love for the craft of doll making!

You showed me vintage dolls...

Porcelain Doll - Dorothy (Dot) 23 inch from DollsbyLaurel **
Vintage Tammy Doll by Ideal 1960s with Outfits & Accessories from vintagenowandthen
Vintage Miss Revlon in Blue Victorian Dress from mooselady

and dolls depicting cultures 'round the earth...

Price Reduced Native American Navajo Spirit Kachina from kosmickatie
Scandinavian Matryoshka Art Doll - Fru Romerike from Ravenhill
Spirit Child by Denise McMillan (available through Paradise Galleries (Independent))
Miniature Kokeshi Doll , Pure Heart, in Pansy Purple and Silver from efiwarsh

There were dolls in beautiful gowns...

Edwardian-Styled Miniature Porcelain Doll from MoonlightSonataDolls **
Hand made personalized Wedding Cake Topper bobblehead 1 from headcases **
OOAK art doll, Phoenix Muse from tirelessartist

and dolls to inspire mirth...

Love is In the Air, Raggedy Ann and Andy Doll from AnniesCountryCabin **
Evan 14 inch wadorf inspired doll from buttercupandbird **
DAISY - ORGANIC 14-inch Button-jointed Baby Girl Waldorf Doll from taffertydesigns
Doll Country Farm Girl 12 inches tall w straw hat from pruitthandcrafts

There were fairy dolls and fantasy dolls...

Sitting Fairy Purple from HeritagePorcelain **
Wooden felt clothed gnomes from ButterflyCove
Sara from SuperCooperCreations

and others made of wood, paper, and fabric... all great IMHO - for what it's worth!

Wood People Family - Set of five little wooden dolls from lissa
The Bio-Apocalypse Sampler -Magnetic Paper Dolls from ElizabethOcean
Bus Driver Dammit Doll - Handmade from TheDammitDollStore (this one's for one of my best friends - you know who you are!)

There's so many more great dolls available out there for doll lovers at all stages of childhood from birth to 125! I hope you've enjoyed looking at these great shop items and that you'll take time to see the other wonderful items available at these shops and all of the shops that carry handmade and vintage goods.

Tomorrow, I'll be showcasing teddy bears - those huggable, loveable, cuddly creatures who bring comfort, security, and happiness to children of all ages the world over! As always, if you have any teddy bears you'd like to see featured, just click here for the submission form to e-mail me the link to the page of the shop where I can see your items or your favorites from another shop.

Hope all of you guys and dolls out there are having a terrific week - see you soon!

**designates an undiscovered or underdiscovered shop


Linda Pruitt said...

Thanks for featuring my country doll, Karen!

Efi Warsh said...

What a terrific article you have written about dolls!
Many THANKS for including my kokeshi doll among such awesome talent artists!

YellowBugBoutique said...

What a fun collection. The quiz was fun...I had a Chatty Cathy- still do- so got that one right. I love the detail on the kokeshi doll!

Vicki said...

Fantastic collection of dolls!

Reborn As Art said...

I love looking at all their pretty faces! Efi makes the sweetest kokeshi dolls!

laughingfridge said...

love the feature, I just got a Barbie doll at a yard sale to satisfy my inner child, lol.

All the dolls featured are amazing, love efi's kokeshi dolls especially!

Tafferty Designs said...

What a fantastic article. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you SO much for featuring Daisy the Waldorf doll. That's incredibly sweet of you. Your blog is a great read so I'm now a follower! Thank you again! :-)

Jaci said...

Loved your article! And the doll collection you've put together is stunning :)

niftyknits said...

fabulous dolls - I was disastrous at answering your quiz, I plead my Britishness as an excuse!

DollsbyLaurel said...

Karen, GREAT article! Thanks so much for including my Dorothy (Dot) doll in your fabulous line up. You really boost my spirits. Laurel

leapinggazelle said...

What a wonderful feature! I do love Efi's beautiful dolls.

mysticwynd said...

Now you know I couldn't do these articles without inspiration from all the creative energy and amazing talent of the artisans who offer these wonderful items!

Keep me inspired, and I'll be happy to keep sharing this amazing work in a fun and interesting way.

Britishness as an excuse tho? Ok, Niftyknits - this one's for you then... What were the names of (UK fashion doll) Sindy's male and female companion dolls?

Barbie dolls were pretty much my favorites growing up...I even secretly played hooky from school when I was 8 so I could take the bus into the shopping district and buy a new Barbie with $5 I received as a Christmas gift. And unless my mom reads this, she probably still doesn't know! I was so afraid of getting caught, that I had major trouble even calling in a "mental health day" as an adult when I wanted a day off work and wasn't really sick!

Dorote said...

This is a wonderful article!
Thank you so much for featuring my dolie! I feel honored!

My Mother's Garden said...

What a great article! Love the Kokeshi doll by Efi Warsh!

artsyfartsymemories said...

thanks for sharing these amazing dolls with us. Efi dolls are an inspiration. Loved your blog- so glad I found it.

Sydney Cooper said...

Thank you so much Karen! I really appreciate you including Sara is this post!

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