Monday, September 13, 2010

Delightful Discoveries - Dedicated to the One Olive 09.13.10

In case you didn't notice that pun - "this is dedicated to one olive (I love... olive= I love... sheesh... it's Monday and I didn't get enough sleep! What can I say!)

Olive green is actually one of my favorite colors for clothing - it goes perfectly with my hair and skin coloring, although it tends to tone down my eye color a bit. I personally think it goes great with most people's hair and skin color as well as being a great main or accent color when it comes to interior or exterior decor. So, as you can imagine, I had a hard time whittling down my choices to these few, cuz I loved them all!

Columbia - 8.5x11 Print by wildemoon
Turtle Beach Print by TheArtfulFlamingo
Fern - MINI Print 4x6 by Kecky
The Funny Felt Scarf Olive and black from dutchfeltart
Dreaming of Spring - OOAK Green Beaded Necklace from faerymoongoddess
Handmade Fine Thread Crocheted Ring - Iridescent Peacock on Olive by Nothingbutstring
Soft Olive Green Knitted Scarf by Kelsilove
Go Anywhere - Organic Cotton Fleece in Olive Green from LocalMotion
Handmade Hobo Handbags Cross Body Messenger Purse SYDNEY BAG Olive Green Purple Paisley by Heart2Handbags
Big Marc Foo from sighfoo
Grassland - Hand Painted Wool Sock Yarn from PurpleSheepYarn **
Olivine lillypad earrings from TealwaterDesigns

Pretty darn terrific, I'd say! Do you have a favorite? I do... but I'd like to hear what yours is before I divulge mine ;)

Tomorrow, I'll be paying homage to those things that, for some, symbolize the whole feel of fall, while for others, they're just something that creates another chore to take care of...leaves! I remember being impatient for the leaves to fall from the huge maple tree on our home property as a child because I wanted to pile them up and jump in them! And there was something special about the smell of burning leaves in the evenings when our dads would fill up the metal drums we used for just such a purpose and set them afire...but more about my thoughts on leaves tomorrow! If you have any terrific leaf themed items, be sure to send me the links by clicking here for the submission form to e-mail them to me.

Hope your week's gotten off to a great start. I'll see you early tomorrow :)

**designates an undiscovered/underdiscovered shop!


ViKotas said...

that turtle print is a beautiful piece of art.
In fashion, I used to look good in olive slacks and a red top.....but that was when I was a brunette. Now I let my gray grow out and I can finally wear pink, which I have always liked but couldn't wear before. Lesson: each decade and age has it's advantages...find and enjoy them.

kelsilove said...

thanks for featuring me!!

Beth said...

Thank you so much for including my print! :: hugs :: It's one of my very favorite colors as well :)

Janet Bocciardi said...

Seriously difficult to decide, but if I must.... the paisley bag!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

What a lovely surprise! Thanks for featuring our discounted necklace. I love all the shades of green you featured here. So beautiful! Theresa

Trish's Soapy Blessings said...

It is a beautiful collection of items. Beautiful shades of green!


Elizabeth Howard said...

I'm still selling, though I'm no longer on Etsy. Now you can find all my work at!

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