Thursday, August 12, 2010

Delightful Discoveries - Togs for Tots 08.12.10

Keilyn is 5, Caden is 4, Kennedy will be 3 in a month, Cheyenne is 1 1/2, Jaxon is 1, Connor is almost 6 mos old, and one still to be named is due in December. They are our grandchildren, and as you might guess, they go and grow through clothes rather quickly, so I'm always on the lookout for clothes that will survive their ages and stages! Since I didn't get the customary deluge of delights to look through yesterday, I had to go windows shopping down the aisles of Etsy myself - so many of the items you'll see today weren't nominated, and therefore are purely my selections... although I have to mention that I did concentrate my searches on undiscovered or underdiscovered shops. There's some wonderful items out there that just aren't getting the attention they deserve! Here are my choices of togs for tots :)

(top to bottom, l-r)

Mama's Monkey - White Infant Tee from bblonskidesigns
Purrrfect Kitty Halloween.....handmade twirly skirt with short sleeved appliqued knit peasant top from Mimisdresshop
Estelle - Sweetness defined from GrammaJoSews
Boys jacket/coat - brown wool from saibatoothcub
Beautiful White Dress from AnnaBannaCrafts (I think this would be a beautiful baptism or christening gown!)
Mickey Mouse TODDLER ROMPER from kutekidskreations
Yellow Eyelet Dress from DIPdesigns

Adorable aren't they? And those models - just want to eat 'em up! I have to kind of wonder at how many kids are modeling for homemade fashions nowadays - and how many of them will look back on those photos twenty years from now and just shake their heads and smile... or perhaps what future top model or spokesperson or fashion designer will be able to say they got their start on Etsy. And we'll be able to say we "knew them when!"

Tomorrow we'll celebrate the upcoming weekend with some terrific turquoise treasures. Whether it's turquoise beads, turquoise fashions, or turquoise baubles that you adore, I'd like to have something for everyone, so I'm asking for your help in tracking down the most amazing turquoise you can find! Please send them on over by just clicking here to e-mail me the link to the page of the shop where I can view them.

Take care and enjoy your day :)


aubepine said...

So adorable! I love the twirly skirt and top set from Mimisdresshop! :)

Anonymous said...

So do the best work, my friend....a great sponsor!!!!

Leta Porter said...

All the outfits are so adorable. Can hardly wait to dress grandchildren when I get some :) Leta

roseanna said...

hi you are great just what i need to help me sell such a sweetheart i am new at this esty. thanks again roseanna with annabannacrafts

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