Monday, July 5, 2010

Meet Handy Andee of Dandee - A BESTeam Feature

This week I have the pleasure of featuring my BESTeam teammate Andee Penner, of Dandee on Etsy. A Winnipeg, Manitoba resident, Dandee not only offers wonderful examples of some of her crafts on Etsy, but she also has a brick and mortar store, SewDandee, in Osborne Village in her home town. She is also a long-timer on Etsy, having joined the community all the way back in 2005!

After reading her profile and browsing through her shop, I'm convinced of one thing - this is one talented and creative lady! While her Etsy shop contains a great collection of switchplate covers and snarky cards, as a self-proclaimed fibre addict, Andee loves to create everything from cup cozies and fashion accessories to upcycled bags and fashions. I'm jealous of her Winnipeg neighbors who have a chance to enjoy a broader array of her crafts! Here's a few of my favorite picks from Dandee:

Our former chiropractor, and still a good friend, Betty Sutliff of Full Circle Chiropractic in Gallup, NM used to get some grief from us because of her use of what my hubby calls "the rivet gun", and we often refer to her as Rosie the Riveter... so of course when I saw this great little Rosie The Riveter light switchplate I immediately thought of her! If you're reading this, Hi Betty! I think this would be great for any woman's workroom, studio, or office. A great testimony to the resourcefulness of the "weaker sex". Hmmm... I wonder if anyone would really dare refer to us that way anymore!?!

Since I'm in the "prime" of my life right now, I can soooo relate to this card! I think almost everyone has a friend or family member or coworker that would appreciate the cards in Andee's shop - they're the perfect mix of simple beauty and snarky relevance - and they're all printed on eco-friendly 100% post consumer recycled paper. (That's the paper we keep out of the landfills!) With cards for most occasions, it's easy to find something in Andee's shop that will brighten someone's day with a bit of wit!

In addition to her shop on Etsy, you can follow Andee on twitter, and follow her musings as well as her business on her blog, SewDandee. Take a few and stop on by!


Robin Hartman said...

I love the Rosie Light Switch cover. I had a large Rosie poster I kept in my first apartment during college. I know replaced it with a more permanent metal sign. The light switch would be a wonderful edition to my future studio. She's always been a source of inspiration for me.

Thanks for introducing your shop!

Nina said...

It is inspiring to see an long time Etsy seller who has persevered and stayed with Etsy for a long time!
Here's to another 5 years of success on Etsy!

Dandee said...

Thanks SO much for such a wonderful feature! You made me blush! ;)
I should clear up though that I've only been selling on Etsy since 2007 but I've been an Etsy shopper since 2005.
Thanks again for the love!

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