Thursday, July 1, 2010

Formerly Known as Quintilis

It's hard to believe it's July already, but the calendar says it is! Did you know that prior to Julius Caesar's death (the month of July was renamed in his honor), the month of July was called Quintilus because it was the 5th month of the ancient Roman calendar!?!

A few fun facts and trivia about this summer month...

July is one of the seven months of the Gregorian calendar that has 31 days.

The ruby is both July's traditional and modern birthstone, one of the most precious gemstones in the world and second only to diamonds in hardness. Both rubies and sapphires are a form of corundum, with red forms receiving the ruby designation and all others being sapphires. The Ruby is a crystalline form of alumunium oxide, infused with trace elements of chromium which gives the gemstone its red color. Its color can range from light red to deep violet red, with the most prized rubies being a true red. (2.53CT Oval Ruby and Pear Round Diamonds Art Deco Design Ring available from jewelsbyknr)

The honor of being the month of July's birth flowers is shared by the larkspur and the water lily.
(Dancing Delphinium print and Illuminated Lily print available from spirithelpers)

Well known holidays in July include Canada Day (July 1), US Independence Day (July 4th), and Bastille Day (July 14)

Do you share a July birthday with any of these famous July born people?

July arrives in the sign of Cancer, giving way to the fifth sign of the zodiac cycle - Leo, the sign of the Lion - on July 22 2010 at 3:21 PM (GMT).

Month-long celebrations for July include National Hot Dog Month, Family Reunion Month, National Ice Cream Month, and Cell Phone Courtesy Month - among so many others!

The Native American names for the full Moon this month are the Hay Moon, Thunder Moon, and the Ripe Corn Moon, depending on the locale of the tribe. The full moon occurs on July 26th.

The angel for the month of July is Verchiel, who is the "Angel of Affection". This angel aids with nobility and a generous heart and helps grant powers of the intellect, language, and learning math. (Angel of the Zodiac Verchiel (Leo) ornament available at AmyAngels)

July's trees are Elm and Cypress. The elm tree's symbolism includes strength of will and intuition.

The bird of the month for July 2010 is the Bald Eagle. At one time, the word “bald” (balde) meant white—not hairless—referring to the white head and upper neck of the adult Bald Eagle. (Soaring Eagle 4x6 print available from landscapesnwildlife)

According to the Chinese agricultural calendar, July is the month of the Sheep.

There are so many more interesting facts, legends and folklore surrounding the month of July, but I'm hoping you've enjoyed the few that I've shared with you!

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Tammie said...

You have honored July in a lovely way. Thank you for celebrating with my dancing larkspurs and water lily. Wishing you a lovely summer!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Rubies always remind me of my mom because it is her birth month :) I also like that it is Family Reunion Month...we have one on the 4th this year :)

storybeader said...

what a beautiful ruby ring!

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