Friday, May 7, 2010


Deb, a fellow blogger and the owner of a sweet little etsy shop - DebsDesigns401 - has honored me as one of the recipients of this Kreativ blogger award!

There are rules to accepting this award, but they are pretty simple. I just need to type 7 things that you may not know about me, then pick 7 people to pass the award on to.

So here are the seven things you may not know about me:
(btw, when I mentioned this to my hubby, all he said was "Oh god...")

1. I'm a bit of a wallflower... very soft spoken and a bit on the shy side when it comes to social situations. My Mr. Hyde shows up in business situations though, where I can be very much the opposite!

2. Almost everything I've learned about computers and the programs I use, I've learned on my own or thru osmosis listening to Al talking through his work day.

3. I used to play the accordion when I was younger - haven't picked one up in over 25 years tho!

4. I love animals - virtually all animals except beetles. As long as it's a controlled situation, I don't think there's an animal I've ever been afraid to be around... in fact I used to freak my kids out when we'd go to the zoo and I'd hunt down the snake handler so I could hold a python or boa constrictor.

5. When I was married the first time, all of my nieces on my husband's side of the family used to call me "Anut Karen" instead of "Aunt Karen" - due to a spelling error on a card from one of them - and the nickname stuck! I think that was just the beginning of a trend, because Al's nickname for me is "Cashew"... cuz he thinks I'm nutty, sweet, and a bit twisted.

6. I can't dance to save my life. 2 left feet? I think I have 3! Once in high school, we had a father/daughter dance that I was a little bit worried about attending because my father was a bit unsteady on his feet due to a stroke. I was the one that ended up on my butt at one point with him having to help me up!

7. My first preteen crush was on Bobby Sherman - if you don't know who he is, thank you - now I feel really old and out of it!

Now here are the seven blogs I've selected to honor with this award!
1. Peacox Creations
2. Chigger Bytes
3. Pruitt Handcrafts
4. Knock Knocking
5. MoonangelnayHandmade and Decor Art Blog
6. Patch First Shop
7. Leo and Junie

Thanks to Deb giving me this award. Please visit her blog at !


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this award, Mystic!!

Paula said...

Congrats on the award, and I just have to say, Bobby Sherman and Davy Jones were my first crushes (I still have trouble making up my mind who was cuter:)).


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