Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sense-ational (Pt. 1)

I was pondering possible blog topics earlier today and I mentioned to my hubby that I was looking for something new and somewhat different to write about and he came up with a great idea. I don't know if it occurred to him because he happened to be rubbing my back and neck (I have a bit of a tension headache today), but he said that maybe looking for things that appeal to senses-other than the sense of sight - might be fun. I realize it might be a bit of a stretch, but I think it would be fun to ask you to use your imagination as I select items that appeal to the different senses to share with you! So one day a week, for the next several weeks, I'll be featuring items that appeal to one of the senses!

Today I think I'll tackle the sense of touch since that seems to have been what inspired this great idea anyway. The items I've selected from the halls of Etsy appealed to me because of their tactile qualities... I could imagine running my fingertips across them and just enjoying the multitude of "feels" they would effect.

As I was running the variety of textures through my brain, the first one that came to mind was "soft"... and being the grandmother of 5 (#6 is due any day now!), I love to find blankies and toys that the grandkids can snuggle up with for that sense of comfort and security. One of my favorite materials is the Minky line of fabrics. They are just so incredibly soft! So, of course, I had to track down a great example of a soft (and snuggly) Minky item. I chose this Adorable Keepsake Minky Bunny with Free Personalization from minkeebabygifts. Available in a variety of colors and machine washable, I can't imagine a child (or adult for that matter) that wouldn't love to cuddle up with one of these soft and fluffy bunnies!

Taking a jump to the opposite end of the texture spectrum, I came across this unique Spiky Blue Vase at jadeflower. The subtle and calming blue tones combine with its bold and dramatic texture, allowing this piece to appeal to that part of my imagination that loves the unusual and unexpected... and I can just imagine holding this piece in my hands, feeling the spikes and the smooth curve of the vase at their bases. Definitely a thrill to the senses, both tactile and visual!

In a discussion of textures, I would be remiss if I didn't feature a piece of jewelry from one of the many, many Etsy shops that feature hand hammered, hand textured jewelry. Not quite as intense as the spiky vase, but still appealing to one's sense of feel for the unusual, might be something like this Wild thing cuff, in lightweight tarnish-free aluminum from doghappygirl on Etsy. This is only one of many textures available in these bracelets, but I love the almost leather-like look of the texture - almost like combining two textures in one fabulous design!

For the last texture I'll touch on today (pun intended), I chose fused glass. Most of us are familiar with the simile "smooth as glass" and items created through the fusing of glass can have some of the smoothest textures you could ever feel or see! I selected this item, the Mountain Mist Fused Glass Plate from luckygirltrading as an example. The rounded corners and smooth slope of the glass are reflected nicely, attesting to the "smooth as glass" definition!

I hope you've enjoyed my journey through texture... I think I'll tackle the sense of smell next time around - there's just so many great things to choose from! Happy Thursday!


waterwaif said...

I'm following your blog now and this one was a cool one. I especially love that piece of green glass.

I'm definitely looking forward to the sense of smell installment, though!

Andrea said...

What a great idea! Now I want to pet one of those bunnies. I did a sensory exploration a few years back where each day I focused on one sense, and I journaled about it throughout the day. My absolute favorite was the sense of smell (not surprisingly, since I craft scent blends for my soaps ;-P), so I too am looking forward to your sense of smell entry.

And how exciting that you're about to have another grandbaby - congratulations!

Athena said...

This is definitely a great idea! I've never pondered using my other senses when searching out art, but I think I'll keep it in mind a little more now. :)

Mmm, can't wait to see what you come up with for smell (pick something chocolatey, heh)

Lucky Girl said...

What a lovely theme for a post! I am now mesmerized by that spiky vase, I "need" to touch it!

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