Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Amazing World of Science Fiction

I couldn't let today get by without paying a tribute to the wonderful literary genre of science fiction on this National Science Fiction Day. I have loved scifi since that fateful day in 1962 when my father borrowed an 8mm projector and a copy of This Island Earth from a friend and we watched Exeter and his fellow Metalunans seek help from earth scientists. A bit campy when I look back on it? Sure, but it was classic 1950's scifi - and it opened the door to a whole new universe for me.

The biggest reason why I think science fiction appeals to me is perhaps because it is based in possibility. As opposed to fantasy, which by definition has no basis in reality, and is often imbued with magic and myth, science fiction abides in a realm governed by the laws of science, albeit stretched a bit by the writer's imagination. What was once the decades old musings of great science fiction authors - like Jules Verne, H G Wells, Isaac Asimov, and many others - has become reality as we explore the depths of our oceans, the majesty of the universe, the wonders of life and chemistry, and all of the other mysteries of science. Concepts like artificial intelligence, robotics, and quantum teletransportation, once topics relegated to the scifi world are no longer far fetched. I often wonder how much of today's science fiction will become tomorrow's science fact!

I'm definitely not the only one with a penchant for scifi themes... and today I'd like to share a few scifi themed lovelies from Etsy.

One of my absolute favorite shops when it comes to science fiction goodies, buildersstudio is packed with an amazing assortment of retro-futuristic other worldly and other timely pieces. I love the creativity that goes into designing items like this LITTLE Brother Fish Walker Biped ExAqua Exploratory Copper Machine Vehicle (he's the little guy on the left) - definitely something out of the pages of a favorite scifi novel and so much fun!

"Space, the Final Frontier..." - I first heard those words when Star Trek made its TV debut in September of 1966. I was 8 and needless to say I was hooked. Four decades later, the Star Trek franchise conceived by Gene Roddenberry has given us 4 more television series (Cptn Picard rules tho!), 10 major motion pictures, hundreds of books and movies, and a setting for my last wedding :) Yes, we were married at the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas - and both the Great WOO and I, as well as all of the guests in attendance (from my 2 week old grandson to my 81 year old mom) were in costume! We both love Star Trek, as do most our kids, and I'm just waiting for my chance to create another generation of fans in my grandchildren - one can only hope! It appears that Star Trek is also responsible for inspiring the imaginations of some of my fellow Etsians as well! I ran across these adorable Star Trek Meerkats at niftyknits and thought they would be perfect for this feature!

Today's collection would not be complete without a piece of steampunk since this jewelry style epitomizes the union of futuristic science fiction with old time victorian steam power themes. There are just so much beautiful steampunk wares available on Etsy, but for today's feature, I selected this Steampunk Jewelry Transformation VI Transformed Altered Antique Vintage Pocket Watch Necklace from StJoshua. Time and its passage are one of the few constants in science - where it will take us and what we will experience are mysteries that will unfold as it marches on. What is theory now may become fact in the not too distant future. What we hold as finite truths may become infinite possibilities. Without the inspiration of science fiction, I wonder how many of the things we take for granted would never have become science fact. Kudos to all of the world's great scifi writers on this National Science Fiction Day!

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