Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Flow charts? Seriously?

While I was researching my "Today Is..." feature, I found many, many references to today being "Married to a Scorpio Support Day." Since my hubby the Great WOO is indeed married to a Scorpio (yes, that would be yours truly), I had to look into this a bit further. According to it is "A worldwide day of remembrance to honor all those married to Scorpions and who suffer greatly. Assert yourself today! Hide their household flow charts." had this comment about the day - Hide your household flow charts and relieve yourself of the burden that comes from being married to a control freak Scorpio.

Ahem... flow charts? Control freak? Seriously? Moi? Hmmm... the funny thing is that Al and I were just talking the other night about some of the things that defined our childhoods and mine was definitely academics. I mentioned how I hated standardized tests because you could never get 100% on them (I was a bit of an overachiever) and also how I hated teachers who did the + thing on report card grades. What exactly does an A+ mean, anyway? REALLY excellent as opposed to an A- which would be somewhat excellent? Show me the numbers... was that A for a 100% or a 92%? Was there a curve? Did they round up or round down? Analytical minds want to know.

Ok, and yes, (I can hear Al laughing now) my towels have to be folded in thirds (hotel folds) with the seams not showing - and underwear and t-shirts are folded as if they're coming new out of the package. In a perfect world, I'd be able to organize everything perfectly all the time but to be honest, I just don't have that kind of time - and anyway, a clean desk is a sign of a sick mind, isn't it? I know I tried instituting some chore charts over the years, but that was me against the masses, so I gave up. I'm laughing to myself here, because I actually had a job for about a year where pretty much all I did was create work flows - I was good at it, but I HATED it.

I was also just reminded that I have just a little bit of trouble admitting defeat... like when Al sends me his latest game find on his AARP website with a note to "beat his score" or the fact that I have a Mah Jongh game that I've been trying to beat for 2 years now... and won't go to the next configuration until I do!

I'd like to defend my fellow Scorpios a bit here... yes, we may be a bit control-freaky, but we're also loyal to a fault (ok, you have to prove that you're worthy of it), passionate about life and love, resourceful, and independent. We value honesty and fairness, love a challenge, and aren't afraid to work hard to gain the things we want out of life. The bottom line is that no one sign rules a person's life completely and all of the positives and negatives of one's sun sign can be mitigated by the other planetary influences.

Yes, I am a Scorpio, and yes, I have many of the traits of the typical Scorpio, but now I know that I'm not so for those of you who are married to us Scorpios, enjoy your support day today - it's officially been added to the flow chart somewhere by someone!

I thought I'd share some related items with you - hope you enjoy!

These Flow Chart Mega-Mugs from mernim are great for the Scorpio who really does do the flow chart thing, or anyone whose life work involves flow-chart mentality (which the Great WOO's does, btw - he is actually a pro at putting together amazing computer network flowcharts!)

For the person who's not afraid to admit that they're a control freak, I ran across this Control FRK (Control Freak) Keyboard Necklace at RocknRoll4ever . What a great way to warn others, er, I mean, be proud of the fact that you know how to keep life under control!

This Scorpio Card from PoneKyne sums up how I feel about being a Scorpio - stop on by to read the sentiments!

Sometimes it's good to be a little introspective and try to see yourself the way others see you... and yes, I do see a bit of myself in this albeit a tad over the top assessment of the Scorpio personality. Now, I'm off to refold some towels and underwear now before I start reorganizing some things around here! ;) Happy Wednesday - and Happy Shopping!


fsmwtf said...

I'm FREE!!! I'm FREE!!! At least for today. ;-)

mernim said...

Thanks for the feature, Karen! After reading your post and as a Scorpio myself, I now think I understand a little better why I felt the urge to paint flow charts on my art.

Tulips Talking said...

As the 1/2 sister to a Scorpio...I totally relate! Always admired here talent and luck...

Howling Caterpillars said...

My SIL is a Scorpio...LOL
This post certainly gave me a laugh...thanks.

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