Monday, October 19, 2009

To Our Lucky Winner - Think Happy Thoughts!

What a great response to the wonderful giveaway from LennyMud! Of course, when the giveaway item is both inspirational and beautiful, like Lorrie's Think Happy Thoughts mug, I can understand why! So, who will be starting their day off with this great inspiration? Well, like on every giveaway Monday, I asked the Great WOO to select the winner from all of the little pieces of paper with all the entrants names on them which have been placed in his favorite hat - STRANGE . He's thinking happy thoughts today because after being off work sick with the flu most of the past week, he's feeling better and ready to catch up with all of the fun(?) he missed. And I'm thinking happy thoughts because I managed to not catch it from him! Now for the happiest thought - the winner is [drum roll please]...NELSBY!!! Either I or Lorrie will be in touch with you shortly to obtain shipping information! Congratulations!

Check back shortly for my next great giveaway!

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