Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I've Been Framed...

No silly, not THAT way... I mean framed as in picture frames. Before I started writing this, I took a stroll through our home to see how many framed photos, paintings, awards, etc., we have displayed in frames. 103. Yup, over a hundred - and we actually have a few things up that could be in frames, but I chose to leave them out of frames. Yes, we really do have lots of wall space showing, but we also have what I refer to as my "Rogue's Gallery/Hall of Inspiration" which accounts for about 2/3 of that number.

We have a good sized t-shaped hallway which divides our home into 3 main parts, and the part of the hallway that forms the top of the "T" is lined with photos of family. Since we have 6 kids between us, as well as our 5 grandchildren, and parents and brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews, many of whom live in different parts of the country, we like to keep them close to us by keeping a gallery of family down thru the years.

The oldest picture right now is a photo of my mother on her first wedding day in about 1940 when she was 16. We have photos of ourselves and our kids from babyhood thru wedding days, graduations, and just fun times spent together. I have a special 4 generational photo of my mother's family that was taken at our first (and only) family reunion on her 81st birthday 4 years ago. She is surrounded by her 3 children and children-in-law, our children - her 7 grandchildren and their significant others, and our children's children at the time - her great-grandchildren who numbered 5 at the time, but whose ranks have doubled since then to 10 with one more on the way. It's also a special photo because it's the last family photo we have of my nephew/godson, who's life was cut tragically short at the age of 32 just a few months later.

The rest of the hallway is themed (oh c'mon, you're not really surprised, are you?) The walls opposite my rogue's gallery have a theme of "hopes & dreams - where I have some framed inspirational items as well as photos of the girls during dance recitals or in dance costumes, and more graduation and weddings photos. Walking down the hallway that forms the staff of the T, one wall is about laughter and friendship - replete with silly pictures of fun times with family and friends, as well as a variety of small and large posters filled with pictures and sayings to tickle your funny bone. Last but not least, the other wall is themed "believe" and "inspire" - it's where I keep my collection of smaller posters and art pieces that keep me doing exactly that... believing and being inspired.

Needless to say, I'm always on the lookout for great frames... and I thought today would be a great day to share some of the wonderful photo frames that I've found on Etsy. I've selected three styles that I thought might work well in a variety of areas in your home or office, but rest assured, there are a huge variety of other frames available on Etsy!

This Saguaro Rib or Cholla Style Cactus Rustic Western Picture frame from 2DogsWoodWorking would work wonderfully well with any rustic, country, or southwestern interior decor and comes in great variety of sizes.

If contemporary is more your style, I think this Tan silk picture frame from designhutusa is exactly what a photo frame should be - beautiful but subtle. It should enhance, not overwhelm, the picture it frames.

The last frame I selected to feature here is hard to categorize... the lines appear somewhat clean and modern, but the stained glass technique reminds me of a more vintage look. Decide for yourself, but no matter where you would categorize this Stained Glass Bevel Picture Frame from paintedlightglass, I think it's a lovely way to show off that favorite picture!

Frames can make such a profound difference when it comes to displaying that favorite photo or piece of artwork and the many styles available on Etsy give you a wealth of choices to choose from... so happy shopping!


Boutique By Bonnie said...

I wish I could take a walk down that hallway to experience all those photos! I love the idea of themes - especially the "silly" friends and family space.

Shore Debris said...

Hmmm... your total makes me wonder exactly how many pictures are displayed in my house...

Off to count now :)

customteddys said...

You are quite an inspiration, dear. You just might be the impetus to get me started on my "wall" of hopes and dreams and family. Thanks for sharing the joy and creativity. Vicki

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