Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue...

Columbus sailed the ocean blue, in fourteen hundred and ninety two... that will be the extent of that history lesson (and that rhyme is seriously the best way for me to remember that year!) Happy Columbus Day!

Today's shop features revolve around travel - something I'm sure most of us would love to be doing more of in the future, but until then let's take a trip to visit some of these travel themed items.

You have to have something to pack your clothes in and I personally love vintage luggage like this piece from GetReadySetGO (UPCYCLED Blue Grey VINTAGE Suitcase or Train case with Birds on Wires Black Tree and Black Sport tape stripes)

And of course, you want to look great with some fun and flirty jewelry like this World Traveler Charm Bracelet featuring antiqued brass charms and a variety of gemstone chips like turquoise, labradorite, and poppy jasper (just to name a few) from Mysticwynd.

Vacations are all about making memories, so be sure you have something to organize all of those photos and mementos like ticket stubs and postcards. This wonderful OUR VACATION 6x6 PaPeR BaG Premade Scrapbook Album from stampingirl2 is adorable and has 16 pages to hold all of those great memories.

I'd love to hear about any future travel plans you might have for over the holidays - feel free to post and share!

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