Monday, October 5, 2009

And the Winners Are...

This last giveaway been a special experience for me - I got to know Levi and DeAnna, and I feel like I've made a couple of friends along the way. Once again, I'd like to thank them for helping to make the world aware of their story and what they are hoping to achieve through their shop!
It's also inspired me to start offering a PIF item in my own shop, which I'll launch on my birthday, October 23rd, and will continue to run for the following year. You'll also see me occasionally donating an item or two to the PIFs shop. I'd also like to extend a challenge to Etsians who read this... so here goes. Anyone offering a PIF item in their shop between October 23rd, 2009 and October 22, 2010 and convo-ing me about it will receive a 25% discount voucher from my shop - good for one item - anything, anytime (excluding shipping and handling, and of course PIF items). The discount voucher will also be "stackable" - meaning that if an item is already on sale for 25% off, you will receive it at 50% off! This promotion will be limited to stock on hand (no custom or reserved orders).
I will be limiting this offer to one per week per shop owner and the discount voucher will be good for one redemption at any time during the duration of this promotion.
Thank you to everyone who participated in this giveaway or stopped by PIFS as a result of this giveaway! One more peek at the prizes...

Prize #1 - Genuine Hematite & Frosted Glass Dangle Earrings Retail Value $8.95 – PIFS Price: $0.20
Prize #2 - Brown & Gold Dangle Earrings Retail Value $5.99 – PIFS Price: $0.20
Prize #3 - Mini Fish Dangles Retail Value $3.99 – PIFS Price: $0.20
Prize #4 - Genuine Leather Necklace Retail Value: $1.99 – PIFS Price: $0.20
10 Runner up prizes - Mystery Items Retail Value: $1.00 – PIFS Price: $0.20

I asked The Great WOO to write down numbers from 1-14 and to select which prize he was picking for right before each selection... and here are the lucky winners!

Prize #1 - Genuine Hematite & Frosted Glass Dangle Earrings will be going to - f.Sarah
Prize #2 - Brown & Gold Dangle Earrings will be going to - Helen
Prize #3 - Mini Fish Dangles will be going to - remarker/fcffollower
Prize #4 - Genuine Leather Necklace will be going to - Janil

10 Runner up prizes - Mystery Items will be going to -

#5 - daer0n
#6 - Janil
#7 - daeron
#8 - remarker/fcffollower
#9 - Digital Misfit
#10 - Laura
#11 - Linda K
#12 - Noble Beeyotch
#13 - Howling Caterpillars
#14 - Egare1

Congratulations! I'll be in touch today to ask for shipping information! Look for my next giveaway to be posted shortly!


Kathryn Lantz said...

I got to know Levi and DeAnna too! Was on chats one morning - when i never am - and happened to meet Levi. I donated a bunch of beading supplies to them since I don't do any beading for my site, yet have tons of supplies! I agree, they're such incredible people to get their story out there! Levi and I convo'd back and forth for a bit, as I have similar mental illness in my family!

It's so great you're doing PIF's in your shop too. I was toying with the idea as well :)

f.sarah said...

Thank You So Much!

And Congrats To the others!

Howling Caterpillars said...

Congrats to all the winners!
Thanks to Mystic for hosting a neat contest and to PIFS for their generous giving of prizes.

daer0n said...

Thank you so much! i replied to you with my information on Etsy :)

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