Monday, September 14, 2009

Another Giveaway All Zipped UP!

The votes are in - most of you prefer zippered bags - which means that the lucky winner of the latest giveaway should be especially happy about winning this lovely 3 Leaf Zip Clutch - which will be coming to you courtesy of TiLTCreations on Etsy!

So, who is the lucky winner? Just minutes ago, the Great WOO (my husband, the Wizard Of Odd) selected a slip of paper from STRANGE that he immediately stated that he recognized as shaped like a "Z" for "Zorro" so the winner is Zorro?? (forgive him, he's sleep deprived today) ... In reality, congratulations are going out to Merily (aka merigreenleaf on Etsy)! You are the proud new owner of this great little clutch (and it even has a green leaf on it - how appropriate!)

I'll be in touch with you today to obtain delivery information...and I will be posting my new giveaway in just a little bit, so be sure to check back and see what the next beautiful freebie will be!


Howling Caterpillars said...

Hooray for Meri!!!

Christie Cottage said...

That is a cool bag!

I choose my winners by telling my son to pick a number between 1 and ___. Scientific, huh!?!


Merily said...

Oh wow, I won! I'm so happy- I love that clutch! It's such an appropriate win, since I am a Greenleaf who loves leaves. ;)

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