Monday, August 10, 2009

Will the proud owner of the new wallet and checkbook cover please step forward?

All of the entries for the latest MysticWynd Giveaway - this wonderful wallet and checkbook cover set from songbirdcottonco - were lovingly placed inside our favorite hat (STRANGE) this morning in anticipation of the drawing. Promptly at noon MST, with appropriate pomp and circumstance, my husband - the Great WOO (Wizard Of Odd) reached in, rooted around a bit (I really must feed him more often!) and finally pulled out the winning entry submitted by... (ok, imagine court trumpeters in their finery doing the "do da dooooo" thingy at this point) Beaded Tail!!!

Congratulations on winning this lovely item - you will be contacted shortly to arrange delivery!

Look for information on my new giveaway in just a little bit!

1 comment:

BeadedTail said...

Oh my gosh! That's me! YAY!! Thanks to the Great WOO for pulling my name out of the hat! I love the fabric and can certainly use both the wallet and checkbook cover! Thank you so much!


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