Monday, August 24, 2009

Giving away Energy and Enlightenment!

My new giveaway is one of my "Energy and Enlightenment" bookmarks!

This bookmark incorporates the colors of chakras with the purity of healing white light to inspire balance, leading to healthy energy and enlightenment. According to yogic traditions, the seven chakras, or energy centers, concentrate and distribute refined life-force energy throughout the body. Each chakra is represented by one of the colored Swarovski crystals, and I've added a cheery smiling sun charm to symbolize the higher consciousness. This bookmark will hopefully serve as a symbol of balance, a reminder to open yourself to all that life can bring you. For more about chakras, read the full listing for this item in my shop

The winner will have their choice of a silver or gold plated steel bookmark!

The retail value on this piece is $10.

This giveaway will run until 12 noon (PDT) 31 August 09.

To be entered in the drawing for this great little bookmark, simply visit mysticwynd, find your favorite item in the shop, come back to this post and list the item description along with your contact information for an entry in this giveaway.

Additional entries may also be obtained by a separate comment as follows:

  • Tell me what kind of jewelry shopper you are:
    1. Jewelry Junkie - Impulsive... something catches your eye and you buy!
    2. Matchmaker - as soon as you buy a new outfit, you're sure to shop for the perfect jewelry accessories to go with it.
    3. Bargain bin shopper - you won't buy unless it's on sale and classically practical.
    4. Just the basics - you'll occasionally update, but not until your everyday jewelry is literally falling apart.
    5. Focused - you may be shopping for something special for that special occasion, special outfit, special look, but you're not lured off track by anything!
    6. The Real Deal - Authentic ...only the real thing for you... silver, gold, platinum and the best in genuine gemstones. None of those costume creations for you!
  • Receive one additional entry by becoming a new blog follower at - post the date you began following in this posts' comments. (If you already follow this blog, that counts as well!)

  • Receive one additional entry for following me at twitter
  • To receive 2 additional entries, make a purchase at mysticwynd and post the item description (title) in this posts' comments.

Good luck!!!!

PS... don't forget that all entries in my giveaways are automatically entered in a quarterly giveaway for a $25 gift certificate to my shop on Etsy - mysticwynd, good for one year from the giveaway date! The next quarterly drawing is scheduled for September 1, 2009 so be sure to enter now!


BlueBoxStudio said...

My favourite is - Rosalyn vintage inspired rose necklace. I have a big thing about roses, my father was a commercial rose grower and they remind me of him.

I'm a Jewelry Junkie - Impulsive... something catches your eye and you buy! - perhaps I should join Jewellery anonymous to manage my habit?

I'd love to follow you but the follower button isn't there?

Altered Beauty said...

My favorite item is the Thrive Lotus Themed Pendant and Necklace:
It is beautiful!!!

Altered Beauty said...

I am definitely a focused jewelry shopper. I don't wear a lot of jewelry myself, so something has to really catch my eye or I have to be specifically looking for it.

Altered Beauty said...

I am already a blog follower :-D

Altered Beauty said...

I just started following your Twitter! Thanks!!!

mysticwynd said...

Blogger is being tempermental with showing the "follow" button, so if you aren't seeing my followers in the left sidebar, be sure you're signed in on google/blogger and you can follow from the nav bar at the top of the page as well!

Dreamspirations Gallery said...

Still a fan of your ~Thrive~ necklace! I believe I hearted it in Etsy, too :) I love the color combo!
Have a great day!

And thanks for the chance to win the beautiful bookmark!

RhiannonSTR said...
Very pretty star pendnant - so unique.

RhiannonSTR said...

For an extra entry - I am a Just the basics jewelry person.

RhiannonSTR said...

I just followed you on twitter and I have been following your blog for a little while. I really like that bookmark :) It's very pretty.

SKnights Art Photography said...

Hi, I just became a Follower of your blog. My fave piece on your shop:

I'm a focused jewelry shopper... don't wear too much, but love earrings!

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