Monday, July 6, 2009

Take Your Webmaster to Lunch...

Today is "Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day." For anyone who's not sure of what a webmaster/webmistress is, according to the World Organization of Webmasters, webmaster is a term that can be used to describe almost any web professional. A webmaster can be: one person interfacing with Net-based communication, back-end technology, and business management; a general contractor/team leader for the creation and management of websites; a person who authors and creates HTML, CGI, XML, Graphics and more; a web project manager; and/or an individual who markets and promotes web sites.

I am fortunate enough to personally know a couple of webmasters - my husband Al (who does some webmastery as a sideline), and my oldest son, Mike, who has his own web design company! I can appreciate the time and efforts of webmasters/mistresses everywhere - there is so much that goes into designing a website that is visually appealing, efficient and well organized, and laid out in a manner that makes navigating it easy for all users. Many of these professionals are on call 24/7 handling server issues, programming bugs, and any of a number of issues that can cause problems for website visitors.

So today, the next time you land on a really great website, take a minute to e-mail the webmaster/webmistress and tell him/her what a great website they have! Or, if you're fortunate to have your own personal webmaster/mistress, take them out to lunch, buy them their favorite drink, or do something special to let them know how much you appreciate their work!

Here's a bit of webmaster humor that I ran across that I thought was appropriate for the day! Enjoy!

You Know You’re a Webmaster If...
(Emory Rowland, November 22nd, 2007)

- You use keyword tools to name your children.
- You buy birthday gifts for your relatives through your affiliate links.
- You get physically exhausted doing the Google Dance.
- You check your server stats more than your blood pressure and you think there may be a correlation.
- You write keyword rich poetry.
- You regularly check the availability of the domain name, “” just in case they’ve forgotten to renew.
- Your wife informs you that you’re hosting dinner. You tell her you are sure that, .net, .org, etc. domains are already taken.
- Customer service asks you to verify your address. You give them your IP.
- You rate and review your own website listing.


Robert W. Leonard said...

Hmm, nobody asked ME to lunch. Funny post, I think it's one of the less appreciated artistic talents. Mostly people think of the code, but sometimes a site just looks great. I think those mark the truly talented web designers. :)

Linda said...

I didn't know about the special day. No one has asked me to lunch but I create for myself now. The clients I have do pay me.

I did take myself to lunch today though and that counts.

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