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Spotlight on Shalottlilly5

Welcome to my first "Totally Trendy Tuesday" spotlight feature of an amazing Etsy artisan and her shop Shalottlilly5. Adrien's designs exude energy, much like her personality and the bubbly and vivacious way she has of expressing herself! Most of her designs are one-of-a-kind, full of color and find their inspiration in Victorian themes as well as Adrien's dreams. This first photo is of this amazing artist herself, wearing one of her creations. Read on to learn more about this extraordinary young woman and be sure to visit Shalottlilly5 - you'll be amazed at some of her achievements!

Adrien graciously shared her answers to the following questions...

Many jewelry artisans create their designs based on a “connection” that they have with a specific subject or historical period that holds an allure for them. Your styles are somewhat neo-Victorian… what would you say inspired your “style”? I have to say, I'm very inspired by Victorian things, the whole romance of that time period. I've been very much inspired by fairytales and stories I've read...the feeling you're left with...that's what goes in to my pieces I guess...that plus dreams, blood, bruises.....wire hurts for the record.

What one word would your closest friends use to describe you? Lately I hear the word "inspiring" a lot but I think it's mostly due to the way things have gone down recently. Is it an accurate description? I have my moments.....When I left college I was a mess...and for a year I totally did nothing...but, I have done volunteer work for the Chinati Foundation's Open House for 5 years now (this will be the first one I will miss in 6 years...but I'm going to France so it will be a new adventure..)...that was year 4...and it just hit me..that I really want to do this art thing..so..in that moment I found my thing worth trying for...now..here I am...I just finished an amazing internship at the Chinati Foundation (best 3 months of my life to this point) I'm putting together my first fashion show here in Huston at Gallery 1724 August 29th...(I've sent my jewelry to lots of fashion shows...but was never sure if I could pull one off myself).....Once you find your thing worth trying for in life...really..anything can happen...it's an amazing adventure

What is your favorite color and what is your favorite possession in that color? Okay...my favorite color is indigo...unexpected right? Well.....my sister actually owns a painting I did entirely in that color...it was the first painting I did that actually turned out...pretty...but it's hers...not mine

Your shop profile mentions that you also like to paint. What is your favorite medium and subject for painting projects? I do indeed paint. I love using acrylic inks. I love the way the paint swirls and shimmers in the light. The first show I had was a little over a year ago at Canyon Clay Company. The lady who runs the gallery actually displayed my paintings and my jewelry together....it was the first time I realized how similar they actually are...It's all about color with me..hahaha...I had 7 shows last year..2 in NY at World Fine Arts gallery , and one in DC at Touchstone Gallaries...I'm actually going to France September 15. I have a residency in Vallauris so I get to paint for a month and my art show there is Oct. 17th...It's going to be crazy though...I'm going to try and do 14 40x40 pieces in about 5 weeks.....wish me luck, I'll need it! (Adrien e-mailed this photo of this beautiful painting to share with you!)

Photography was also something that you studied… I have to ask – how many photos, on the average, do you take of each listing before deciding on the 5 that you end up using. Okay...when I started, I totally made the pieces, took the pictures...and modeled.....I did it all....it was...exhausting...I would take about 32 pictures of just one piece and try to find pics that looked okay...and try not to let vanity get the best of me...(it's hard posting a pic of you that you think looks horrid just because the necklace looks amazing)......Now.....I know some amazing photographers that I lend my pieces to that do an amazing job. Some of my favs that I have worked with are Alicia Calton, Machinedance, Billy Jarrell, and Eyeworks Studio....absolutely fantastic work

What did you want to be when you were 12? I was a fearless monster hunter....ask me if I'm kidding.

I guess to find out the story about the monster hunter, you can stop by Shalottlilly5 and take a look around and perhaps thru the course of a purchase or design brainstorming session, you can ask Adrien for yourself!!

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