Friday, July 17, 2009


Change is good, and sometimes necessary!

Beginning Monday, July 20th, I will be incorporating my Etsy Shop Spotlights into my main blog posts. I will be replacing the current spot in the sidebar with a list of links to those articles. Instead of appearing as a daily feature, I will be doing an even more expanded feature of at least two shops each week - possibly three if I can fit them into my post scheduling.

I'm doing this for a few reasons. First, because this feature has been a sidebar item, it does not become a permanent part of the blog. I think it's only fair to maintain a historical record of my shop spotlights and the only way to do that is to make them part of the actual posting process.

Secondly, I've had some feedback and issues on the time it takes my blog page to load. Drawing on the expertise of my geek-filled family, I've come to the realization that my pages are just a bit too graphic intense (ie too many pictures!) and this is a way of reducing the load time overall.

Lastly, it will allow me to concentrate my efforts a little bit better to meet my own marketing needs as well as still promoting other shops effectively. While I won't have a set-in-stone schedule, you will see such features as "Totally Trendy Tuesday", "Fantabulous Friday Focus", and ”Serendipitous Sunday Sales" along with my continued ramblings and musings and informational posts on a variety of subjects.

I will also be replacing the Shop Spotlight Archive with a “Spectacular Sales & Special Offers” list of Etsy shops that are… um… running sales and special offers – please let me know if you’d ever like to be included!

I’ll be moving around a few widgets and gadgets as well and would love your feedback on the changes, as well as any ideas you might have to make my blog a place you would like to continue to visit.

Needless to say, I will continue to be looking for shops to feature, as well as ideas for topics that you would love information on. I’m going to explore a few informational topics on everything from marketing to product pricing to jewelry specific topics such as explaining all of those different types of clasps or even the metaphysical properties of stones. You will see some of my posts becoming shorter and less “intense” but on the flip side, I will be posting more often. Much easier to read a few shorter articles than one long drawn out one – and it will allow you to more easily pick and choose what you might want to refer back to!

I hope you like the changes and I hope you’ll tell all of your friends about my blog as well! Look for the completed new and (hopefully) improved Mystic Wynd on Monday! Have a great weekend :)

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Christie Cottage said...

Change is good! I just recently went thru and deleted a bunch of posts that had received no comments and I Took the etsy minis and changed them to 2 pictures rather than the 4 or more that were there (Except my shop)I think it looks better and I also paln to tweak the etsy handmade by from the minis too.

That way my page will look less congested.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and posting today.

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