Friday, July 31, 2009

Black Hat Week

No, this isn't a fashion statement... The great WOO (Wizard Of Odd)-my computer geek network security engineer hubby, reminded me this morning that I needed to make sure all of my computer security updates had been run as well as those on my mom's computer since it was the end of Black Hat Week... and I kinda went... huh???? Black Hat Week??? And then the explanation began... and as he explained, I thought, wow... I can BLOG about this! So, here I am.

Consider this a somewhat public service announcement from me to you about computer security. Bottom line, this is the week that computer hackers (the black hats) gathered together for an open conference in Las Vegas on how best to surreptiously and maliciously find their way into your computers, networks, and all things that convey information electronically to make your life h-e- double hockeysticks. They shared their secrets (and loved to brag about the newest code they've written to break into even the most secure networks) and they're even happy to brag to network security specialists from major software firms. Microsoft and Adobe applications are the most vulnerable, but don't think life is secure simply because you're a Mac user. No computer is completely protected 24/7 and anti-virus programs are only as good as they are current. From the time a virus is released until your anti-virus program can detect it and remove it or quarantine it may only be a matter of hours - IF you actually keep your anti-virus software updated and you've kept up with all the other updates and security releases that your various software programs release on a regular basis. If you don't do the recommended updates, it's just that much longer that a virus/vulnerability has to find its way on to your computer and go unnoticed until you're waking up one morning to a completely non-functioning pile of useless electronics. So, do me a favor today - since I really like to see ya here... and since the talents of those wonderful black hats are already making their presence known today - take some time to make sure your Microsoft, Adobe, and any other vulnerable applications (Apple just released a Patch for their I-Phone applications, so that proves nothing is invulnerable) as well as your anti-virus programs, and any other programs you use to keep your computer up and running are up to date. A couple quick notes - on Microsoft, take the time to run all of the updates, not just the major ones. On Adobe - update Reader, Flash, and Shockwave. All of these security updates are availabe on the home sites. If you're unsure about what you need to worry about, feel free to ask here or contact us at We'll help as much as we can or at least point you in the right direction!!


MAB Jewelry said...

I am never going to understand the whole hacker mentality. Thanks for the notice!

Beka said...

Thanks for the info on this!

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