Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tresor, Skattkammer, Tesoro, Treasury!

It was brought to my attention that since not all of my followers, errrrr, ummmm, readers (sounds less cult-ish, lol) here aren't necessarily part of the Etsy community - they don't necessarily understand terms like "treasury" (and a few others, but I picked on treasuries cuz I love them so much!)

So... what is a treasury? In a nutshell (ok, no nuts are harmed in the making of any treasury...nor does treasury creating have anything to do with nuts - but I think I just came up with another theme!), it's a collection of 12 Etsy items (with 4 more alternates sitting quietly behind the scenes - their creators hoping that they just might see daylight) that its curator (the person pulling the treasury together) thinks are cool (radical, nifty, all that, da bomb, jiggy, ...insert your favorite "great" term here!)

Treasuries can be a simple hodgepodge of someone's favorite finds on Etsy, or they can follow a color scheme (like Gray Chartreuse), or if the curator really doesn't have a life but does have a crazily overactive imagination and really likes to decide on a theme... and then spends way too much time finding just the perfect items, you might end up with something like this one. (ok, I really do have a life - I just get lucky with finding amazing things for my themes!)

A treasury listing remains on Etsy for somewhere between 48 and 72 hours, so this one will disappear "forever" (or at least to some backup storage server at Etsy) at promptly 11:11pm my time tomorrow night! (Anyone can check it out in full size until then by clicking on the picture above or here!). Viewing a treasury allows you to 'click' on each image and be taken to its shop page with all the details about it - which can be such a great help if you happen to be scouring the treasury lists shopping for a particular color or theme!

Last but not least, if you've visited the home page at Etsy, chances are good that you've seen a treasury or two, since about half of the front page "picks" are actually treasury collections! It's considered an honor (and of course it's GREAT free promotion) to have one of your items make it to the front page!

There you have it - the nuts and bolts (hmmmm... another treasury theme, methinks!) of Etsy treasuries! So whether you're an Etsy supershopper or just like to look at collections of things, check out the treasuries at Etsy! There are two lists - the main Treasury which is accessible from the Etsy home page by clicking on the Treasury chest in the lefthand column, and the Treasury West (which is actually the beta testing application for the main treasury) that they (Etsy Admin) doesn't openly post a link to, but you can find it here!


Celeste Jean said...

good summary!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Good idea to post this...not all are on Etsy like you said.

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