Sunday, May 31, 2009

Farewell May, Hello June!

Today we say goodbye to May 2009, and at 12:01:01 am tomorrow, we welcome June! I thought it would be fun to provide you with some insights into the lore, traditions, and trivia surrounding this first month of summer here in the Northern Hemisphere (Happy Winter to my friends in the Southern!), so grab your favorite refreshment and read on!

June is the 6th month of the year in the Gregorian Calendar, lasting 30 days. It was named after the Roman Goddess Juno - daughter of Saturn, wife of Jupiter, mother of Juventas, Mars and Vulcan, and the patroness of marriage. It is this relationship that makes June one of the most favorable months to marry - which is a good thing because on the average 11% of all weddings take place during June!

The traditional birthstone for the month of June is the Pearl, but the modern birthstones are the Alexandrite and Moonstone. The rose is the traditional flower associated with the month of June, although honeysuckle is also considered June's flower because it blooms so extensively during this month!

Astrologically, June begins during the Sun's procession through the sign of Gemini, where it remains until June 21/22nd when it transitions into the sign of Cancer. This is also when Spring ends and Summer begins in the Northern hemisphere , and when the Southern hemisphere celebrates the start of Winter.

In numerology, June 2009 is an "8" month. 8's refer to influences surrounding money, power & karma.

In the Celtic Calendar, June heralds the second month, Duman. It is during this lunar cycle that the summer solstice falls marking the longest day of the year - Midsummer's Eve, one of the great festivals of Celtic and Neopagan cultures. The Full moon will rise June 7th at 18:12 GMT.

Among the many, June is - Dairy Month, National Smile Month, National Candy Month, National Accordion Awareness Month, World Infertility Month, and International Men's Month. The major holidays are Father's Day (21st) and Flag Day (US - 14th). Famous people/celebrities whose birthday are/were during the month of June: Tony Curtis (3rd), Sylvester Stallone (6th), Michael J Fox (9th), Tim Allen (13th), Paul McCartney (18th), George Orwell (25th), and Mel Brooks (28th)

June is one of two months of the year (May being the other) which begins on a day of the week that no other month begins on. The last year that June began on a Monday was 1998.

The name June ranked 863 out of the top 1000 US girl's names in 2008 according to the US Social Security Administration.

According to the World POPClock Projection of the US census bureau, the world population will increase by nearly 6.5 million people during June 2009 to an estimated 6,790,062,216.

Whether you're breaking out your waterskis and beach gear in the northern hemisphere or your snow skis for a trip to Mt Hutt in the southern, I hope June 2009 is a wonderful month for you - full of fun, friends, and fortune no matter where you live!

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