Friday, April 24, 2009

Trees... A Poplar but Sappy Subject, Yew Know?

Oak-ay, I've been pining to branch out fir days, but I wood knot want to seem too sappy...

Stop shaking your head - I'm done with the tree puns! Happy Arbor Day everyone - now get up off your ash and hug a tree! (all right, I was almost done)

I'm not going to go into a long dissertation on all of the ecological and conservational reasons why we need trees. They give off oxygen, they help the planet maintain its water balance, their root systems keep the ground aerated and allows soil to maintain a healthy chemical balance, they prevent erosion, they help cool the air by providing shelter from the heat of the sun, and they provide a home for an incredible assortment of birds and animals and little critters. Most important of all tho - where else could you hang your tire swing?? 'Nuf said. They're important!

Trees are special in so many ways. I can remember climbing the cherry tree in our yard as a young'un to escape into its branches when I just didn't want to deal with the rest of my world (or my big brother). It was also a quiet place I could go to think. There's something about the feel of the bark and the smell of the sap and the earthiness of the leaves that connects you to something wondrous. I have a friend (Hi Julia!!) who, when faced with a problem, always says that she's going to take some time to sit on a tree stump and ponder it just like she used to do when she was a child. Try it sometime. May sound silly, but it's a pretty great experience and you'll be amazed at how clearly you can see a situation when you're viewing it from a tree stump.

Trees are wonderful in other ways too. I love the songs they sing when I'm hiking in the woods and the wind is whispering through their leaves. I love seeing squirrels scampering across their branches, storing seeds and berries in their dreys. And of course, there are those incredible moments when I'm lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a brightly colored bird as it flits from branch to branch, looking for the perfect place to build its nest. But for me, the most beautiful thing about trees is seeing the sunlight streaming down in glowing rays between their branches, or watching the moonlight turn branches into mystical arms and fingers caressing the starry sky. It reminds me that there is something bigger than me out there - call It God, call It Gaia, call It Mother Nature, call It what you will... only It can make a tree... and that is truly awe-some.

I hope you'll take a peek at some of the great "tree inspired" items from these wonderful Etsy sellers. Thank you to them for allowing me to use their work to dress up my article!

Please Don't Pet the Lollipop Trees-Snap Clip Barrettes - FlyingButtons
Tree Hugger Onesie - Stoopher & Boots
Blue and Brown Thinking Tree - Original Acrylic Painting - AndThen
Daddy and Me Oak Tree Onesie, Yellow - hellobanjobaby
The Forest At Night Limited Edition Print 6 x 8 - Susan Rodio Art
Meet the Stumpies (Salt and Pepper Shakers) - Bailey Bowls

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Arasay Ontaguemay said...

Wonderful! Thanks so much for including my Live Oak here! And Happy Arbor Day to you, too. :)

TheEclecticElement said...

Great post!
I absolutly adore trees.
To be quite honest, I go around hugging them! Its a great way to ground yourself and also it gives new life energies to the tree.

Robert said...

You fit a lot of puns in there, good job! Susan Rodio's artwork is amazing. I have had that shop hearted since early on.

Izile said...

Owww, now those are some bad puns!

But I do love trees, my favorite was a 200+ year old Catalpa at the Ole Miss campus that I used to climb around on and take naps in.

Teresa said...

I love trees, always have. Just touching one has always made me feel better about everything.

Thanks for the reminder.

Parallax said...

Another tree-lover here, especially when you see the sun peeking through green leaves. Thanks for sharing all of these great tree-items

FlyingButtons said...

Love this post, and thanks for including my lollipop tree barrettes! I myself love taking pictures of trees that remind me of people. I was in Tofina, British Columbia and got trees that were bulging in pregnancy, found a Yoda tree in WA state. I love trees. :)

Kristin :)

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