Thursday, April 30, 2009

Out of the Sewing Basket and Into the Jewelry Box

Today I'm going to introduce some of you to a jewelry trend that is becoming more popular - especially in a time when there is just so much creativity and willingness to experiment with non-conventional materials.

While things such as fabric covered buttons have been around for quite awhile, there is definitely a much wider arena of fabrics, such as silks, felts, yarns, and even woven metal, that is making its way into the jewelry market. The focus is opening up to embrace texture and natural materials in a variety of designs from some of the very organic and earthy felt pieces to the futuristic and much more modern metal "cloth" pieces.

Not only have fabrics found their way into jewelry design, but so has the use of such traditional "sewing" notions like buttons, thimbles, snaps, and even zippers. In a world where repurposing and recycling has come into vogue on a much wider level, it's amazing to see what the creative mind can come up with next!

These are just some of the wonderful shops on Etsy that provide this type of jewelry. Please visit them and explore new jewelry horizons! Thank you to the shop owners for the use of their jewelry photos today!

Bob Bob Bobbin Along Earrings - myauntdebbie
Opium Dream Felted Zipper Necklace Zip It -
neck loops in peach and snapdragon - missindie
Thimble earrings 6 - ItsNotGold
Textile Tender Necklace, amethyst - lasidi
Turquoise brown Camel Layered Felt Flower Pin Brooch - blackcatmima
The Art Of Flirting Felt and Zipper Necklace Zip It -
Huge Button Earrings Turquoise - lacravatteduchien
Button Up Necklace - cutyourheartout
Sewing Room Treasure Earrings snaps snaps snaps - myauntdebbie


Sidi said...

What a nice post, I really enjoyed reading it! Thanks for including my Textile Tender! :)

Glitzer said...

Definitely agree with you - it's always good to experiment with new materials.. I have been trying to figure out with ribbons too! Thanks for sharing this!

TheresaJ said...

Wow, these are all so great. I love the ones with the bobbins, snaps, and thimbles. So creative...

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